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Why not kill Sansa?

JJ Crow

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In the books (due to no spoiler tags in OP title)

Stannis muses about Littlefinger being corrupt when dealing with Janos Slynt at the Wall.

Well okay, but he still has no proof of that corruption, and he needs support and money, so...

I don't know why some of you think that Stannis would burn Littlefinger as soon as he sees him, while Stannis is clearly willing to pardon the lords of the North if they join him... Yet they supported another claimant to the throne, in Stannis's mind it's far more unforgivable than alleged corruption. And now LF is one of the most powerful lords of Westeros, Stannis would never arrest him for alleged corruption while LF can give him an army and money.

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And how would LF know that Stannis is going to win? Everybody in the Seven Kingdoms know that he was defeated in King's Landing, remember? He's supposed to be weak and with nearly no army. And now you think it would be smart for LF to give Sansa to him? That is ridiculous, not the arc from the show.

The show has simplified the Vale intrigue. In the show, he is Lord Protector of the Vale (thanks to his marriage with Lysa), the Lord of the Vale seem to like him a lot (thanks to his manipulation skills), and the other lords of the Vale seem to like him too now (thanks to Sansa's revelations and the fact that Robin was given to Royce to foster). That's it. Littlefinger has nothing else to do in the Vale since he won, and now he's moving on to new goals and more power :

- in the North (he has an alliance with the Boltons thanks to this marriage with Sansa, and if she kills them or if Stannis kills them, he wins more power because Sansa would be grateful, and if Stannis loses and the Boltons survive, he also wins because they are his allies now),

- in King's Landing (he's probably going to play both sides : he'll offer his help to both Cersei and Olenna, watch them destroy eachother, and then rule with the one who survives, or Stannis).

LF's plan makes total sense, and it's the same since the beginning of the show : introducing chaos and playing both sides until he can win more titles.

No it doesn't. There is literally not a reason to engage Sansa to Ramsey before Stannis attacks. If he wants to favour with Stannis, engaging Sansa to Ramsey just earns him Stannis' enmity. And if the Boltons win... well why not just engage her to Ramsey afterwards? The end result is the same. All engaging Sansa to Ramsey before the battle does is put her in unnecessary danger, both from the battle and from the Boltons.

Edit: Perhaps, if LF had encouraged Sansa to take an opportunity to betray the Boltons from within (though they must at least consider this a possibility), then I could buy his scheme. But there was no hint of that.

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