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(TWOIAF SPOILERS) Unfied Water Magic Theory

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Well met, this is my first official theory and topic.

We know that Ice and Fire are the two main sources from which magic is drawn from in the ASOIAF Known World.

But let us not forget that ice and fire comes in all different states. Different flavors of of ice and fire so to speak.

Liquid, solid and gas.

But for now, I would like to cover water in its many states of existence.

Helps to have a known world map should you wish to proceed reading or made it this far:


My theory goes:

Very magical things happen around you in the ASOIAF Known World if you happen to live close to the sea, snow or ice.

(this thesis is very rough right now making it sound like a childrens story or nursery rhyme. So try to read it in that manner if you don't mind, lol.)

Watery and Firey Magical Places and Things!!!!!!

The North is magical, for snow is water formed solid.

The Sea is magical, for it is water formed liquid.

The Rivers are magical, for they are also water formed liquid. (water wizards)

The Neck is magical, for marshes are water formed liquid. (House Reed)

Valyria was magical, for it was fire formed liquid. (lava)

The Smoking Sea is magical, for its surrounded by fire formed gas/air

Braavos is magical, for it is surrounded by foggy water formed air/gas

The Crypts of Winterfell are magical, for steam is water formed air/gas. (How? Beneath Winterfell are hot springs that create steam. Steam is WATER! c’mon keep up)

The Wall is magical, for it is water formed solid ice.

The Glass Gardens are magical, for humidity is water formed air/gas?

The Trident is magical, for it is water formed liquid (Stoneheart/Thoros ref here)

The Rhoyne is magical, for it is water formed liquid. (giant turtles)

The Water Gardens are magic, for they water made pure (Doran, visions in the water)

Storms End is magical, for rain is WATER formed FIRE. (How? Water creates rain. Storm Rains create lightning. Lightning makes fire.) (Lighting Lord Beric ref. here)

Valyrian steel is magical, for it is fire formed solid.

Dragonglass is magical, for it is fire formed solid

Black Stones are magical, for they are fire formed solid (fused to keep The Others & Old Ones out)

Lava is magical, for it is liquid formed fire.

A falling star is magical: for it is fire formed gas/air. (House Dayne ref here) stars are burning balls of fire basically.

Shadows are magical, for they are fire/light formed air/gas

Gold is magical, for it is liquid formed solid.

But wait, Gold is also magical, for it is fire formed liquid? (your tricky golden Lann the Clever ref here)

Rubies are magical, for they are fire formed solid (glamour)

Gems are magical, for they are fire formed solid.

Jade is magical, for it is fire formed solid

Blood is magical, for it is part-water formed liquid.

Kisses are magical, for lovers-spit is water formed liquid.

Redhead kisses are very magical, for lovers-spit is part-water formed liquid. (Ygritte, Sansa)

Poison is magical, for it is part-water formed liquid. (the Mountain/Strong)

The Arbor is magical, for its surrounded by sea-water formed liquid

Arbor wine is magical, for wine is part-water formed liquid.

(Wine makes people brave, sexy and lucky! Just ask a drunken Tyrion Lannister. How many times has Tyrion been able to get out of so many daunting situations? Because Tyrion is always drunk and filled with wine for wine is part magic water formed liquid.) therefore:

Drunk people can be magical, for wine is part-water formed liquid.

And finally...

Purple Eyes are magical, for it is blue ice and red fire formed Purple. (blue & red mixed is Purple)

Beyond the Wall is very magical the farther you go, for WATERS’ IN ICE, GLACIERS, RIVERS, the OTHERS, ICE DRAGONS and SNOW!! (water made solid) lol.

The End.

Water makes the North so magical because snow is water in its solid state. Thats why so many mysterious phenomena occur in the North or deep in the sea.

We can pause and think about it. Hmmm....

Just look at how much magical things get when they get close to all states of water and fire.

The closer things are related to our two elements, the more magical things become.

If fact, any northern snowy places in the Known World will be more magical because snow is water again in a solid state.

Even very rainy places like Storms End are magical.

We'll cover hot and humid places another time, you get the drift by now.

Fire can make deep dark places magical as well, but thats for another day.

All this mix and matching is getting me tired.

Now I know how why betrothals, marriage pacts and weddings cause so much pain in Westeros.

All the different unions. All the different marriages and bloodlines joining for some good and bad reasons.

Mix and matching pacts and peace? Not for me, because I’d rather go......

...Under the Sea! Take it from me!

Here's my Valyrian Steel-Foil


(Now try to read this part as if Caribbean drums are in the background) lol

That's right folks wonderful and magical things are happening right now Under the Sea! Because the Sea is made of Magical Water in its liquid state and its is still summer. And its especially summer in the Summer Sea.

How do I know this? Oh, because Patchface and Shireen keep telling me. They keep saying:

It's always summer, under the sea

I know, I know, oh, oh, oh

The birds have scales, and the fish take wing

I know, I know, oh, oh, oh

The rain is dry, and the snow falls up

I know, I know, oh, oh, oh

Under the sea, smoke rises in bubbles, and flames burn green and blue and black. I know, I know, oh, oh, oh

Under the sea the old fish eat the young fish.

Under the sea the mermen feast on starfish soup, and all the serving men are crabs

Up here the young fish teach the old fish.

We will march into the sea and out again.

Under the waves we will ride seahorses, and mermaids will blow seashells to announce our coming, oh, oh, oh

And Patchface should know right? I mean he’s been there himself in person. (post-traumatic drowned disorder ref. here)

(stop music).

Now we can keep swimming into the sea, but this was a pseudo nursery rhyme and its made me sleepy.

The stories and lists can go on and on about:






sea-horses and of course


but why spoil the surprise?!?!

Magic and Fantasy are coming back folks, and in full force, stay tuned.

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The problem with your theory is that humans, at least, have to have a water source to survive, so every human on Planetos is near a source of water somehow.

It would also be more parallel if fire also had multiple states.

The pattern I see in the series is not one of precise opposites but of "presence" and "absence":

Cold (ice) is the absence of heat (fire).
Death is the absence of life.
Vacuum (outer space) is the absence of atmosphere (air).
Darkness is the absence of light.

The many undead are proof of the imbalance; they are trapped between life and death. (Water is between ice and fire; twilight is between light and darkness, and I haven't figured out a "halfway" for vacuum and air yet (the red comet, perhaps? Burning yet airless?)).

Blood and reproductive potential (gametes, body parts) are vessels for life upon which most (human) magic depends. There also seem to be elemental affinities: dragons are described as air and fire made flesh; dragonglass/obsidian is basically fire + stone; greyscale could be classified as water + stone; the COTF "sing the songs of earth" (or wood). Weirwood arrows work against dragons because "earth" suffocates BOTH fire and air; dragonglass melts WW because ice (WW) + fire (dragonglass) = melted ice, or water (not sure where exactly earth/lava fits into the equation, unless it's to give the fire element a physical form). Some characters, cultures, and deities also have elemental affinities.

Well, it's a start to a theory, anyway. Hasn't "gelled" yet!

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I love any attempt to explain the and unify the system of magic on Planetos. Kudos for an approach I hadn't considered! I've been stuck on the elements seperately, and hadn't considered the "state" of the element seperately. Very interesting.

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