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Ethan Snow

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I've been reflecting on Jon Snow's upcoming trip with Tormund to counsel the Wildlings beyond the wall.
Jon's going to try convenience the Wildlings to trust him and come south of the wall to fight for him.

Which to me sounds like a hard pill to swallow.
Especially once they find out he was a Crow spy and that Mance Rayder was burned at stake on his watch.
Hell Jon Snow is actually the one who killed Mance Rayder with an arrow to the heart!

So what do you do when someone burns your leader at the stake?
You burn their leader or the leader of the crows at the stake, AKA Jon Snow.

Now there is theory out on the Internet that Jon Snow is part Targaryen.
I'm not going go into how, you can search for that on Google.
Just know that some if not all Targaryens are resistant to fire.

So what happens when Jon Snow won't bar-b-q on the stake.
I'm betting they'll feel more like following Jon Snow then.

One more thing Mance was not burned at the stake in the books.

Kill the boy and let the man be born!

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