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A+J=T v.4 (temporary)

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I hope I am not stepping out of line, but I just wanted to share my thoughts on this. I admit I have not read all of the evidence.

I feel like the popularity of this theory comes from the popularity of Tyrion, more than its actual likelihood.

Almost everyone (fans) loves Tyrion. People will fight to until the end of time on where Jamie is "good" or "bad," but Tyrion seems universally liked and respected. I feel for this reason, people would love to see him ride and dragon or sit the Iron Throne, or both. A+J=T just makes that seem more possible, for them.

While I am absolutely rooting for all the good things in the world to happen to Tyrion, I would actually consider this a bad thing. Like so many of the characters in ASOIAF, Tyrion's strongly identifies with his father's house and even now, knowing thatTysha was not a whore, Tyrion would still be devestated to learn Tywin was not his sire. I suppose I am doing the same thing that I accuse others of, believing in theories I would most like to be true.

As far as dragons, I think that it's possible for Tyrion to tame/ride one without A+J=T being true. Sure bloodlines seem to help someone's chances of dragon taming, but maybe something else, like just pure destiny, would make it possible.

In conclusion, I don't believe in A+J=T, but I still think Tyrion could be one of the three heads.

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