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[Poll] How would you rate episode 506

How would you rate episode 506?  

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Lot to like. Baelish's plan having a whole other level that actually makes it start to make sense (albeit still overly-complicated) was awesome. And most of other scenes were all great. I particularly liked Jorah finding out his father died; stuff like that helps bind together all the different strands of the story.

The Sansa stuff was fine. I mean, it was crazy, but it made sense it would happen and wasn't nearly as bad as it could of been (granted, the fact that I'm relieved it was "only" rape is pretty bad, and says some things, but at least neither Theon nor dogs were involved).

Dorne was sadly pretty terrible again.

Also, maybe its nitpicky, but I was a bit disappointed that as major a thing as winter finally being here (at least at Winterfell) wasn't a more major thing; there was just a throwaway line by Cersei.

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Another 7 from me.

Arya's scenes were the best.

Sansa, Tyrion & Jorah were good.

King's Landing was meh. Seriously, couldn't they have found a smaller room for the inquiry? And Littlefinger's motives are still muddled.

Dorne scenes were crap. One of the worst fight scenes, on top of everything else.

And why is everyone telling the "truth"?

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I would have given it a 9, but the Dornish plotline was as bad as we all dread.

I know the ending will make some people hate this episode, but given the changes, it was necessary, also the acting was great and so the dialogue. Sophie and Alfie continue to be some of the best actors in the cast

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4. Worst episode of the season imo.

Crap episode. Nothing happened, besides putting everyone that was already in peril in a different kind of peril (Tyrion and Jorah being caught by slavers, Cersei using the "Inquisition" against Margaery, Sansa being raped, etc.). No resolution to anything, once again. Virtually no plot movement. Just a bunch of crap ending in a shocking scene that many of us already saw coming. Hated it.

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Guess this might be a spoiler, LF bringing Vale army to crush whoever wins the battle of ice.

Faye Marsay and Arya are pretty good together.

Dorne was...ok...its really a shame they've changed things.

And Winterfell...well, that happened.

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This episode was pretty thin. The Queen of Thorn's scenes felt very, very forced, almost as if the writers are just looking for any opportunity to have Olenna spew some ascerbic commentay. And if the opportunity doesn't exist, create one!

The Sand Snakes are done as characters. They really just seem like ill-tempered brats at this point. Lots of potentail, not much delivery.

The Hall of Faces seemed so clownish, so cartoonish to me. I am sure this will receive much attention, so I shant go on too much now.

Loras' arraignment was decent. I would have thought Cersei would have 'played' it a little more.

Bronn got poisoned. Interested to see how this plays out.

Tyrion, as always, stole the show. That is all for now.

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Gave a 6. Might change either for the better or worse.

The Good:

Tyrion and Jorah were entertaining as always.

The hall of many faces was pretty cool and Arya in general was fine.

KL was good. I especially liked Olenna's reaction to revisiting the capital. The "inquiry" scene I guess was OK.

I actually didn't mind LF. It sounds like good ol' Petyr is trying to stir more shit up between factions, which is what good ol' Petyr likes to do.

The Bad:

Dorne's fight scene was garbage. It was horribly shot and horribly set up. I still cannot take the Sand Snakes seriously and Jaime and Bronn just going in the WG to get Myrcella was beyond stupid.

The I-Don't-Know-What-The-Hell-To-Say:

The WF stuff was just... I have no idea. The basis of my rating was on this scene. I have no clue if this was a good or a bad idea. It was horrifying to watch, that's for sure.

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The show has been going downhill but this is finally an episode with actual important events happening even if it was poorly executed like the Dorne stuff... It's interesting but just poor decision making lowers the quality.

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