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[Poll] How would you rate episode 506

How would you rate episode 506?  

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Just as an afterthought, what is Loras being tried for? Is being gay an actual crime in Westeros? In one scene when Margery was courting Joffrey in Joffreys Chambers didn't he remark that he was considering outlawing the behaviours of his uncle Renly? Doesn't that mean that it was legal to be Gay at the time. Speaking of which, I am now starting to reminisce about Joffrey, how crazy is the show making me that I am actually starting to think "I wish Joffrey was here, he would know what to do?? Red God help me!

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Really good episode. My favorite parts were Kings Landing and the Tyrells kind of losing to Cersei was amazing. They climbed so high, now they finally fell. It was fun to see Margaery screaming as if all her plans has been foiled. If that was amazing, I can't wait to see Littlefinger(who is more amazing and calculated than Marg) fall too. And Cersei! My favorite character winning is so fun to watch. I know that might be her last victory tho, after that she's gonna fall, seems like Lady Olenna will be the one to defeat her.

Winterfell was amazing aswell. Don't get all the hate D&D and HBO is getting. That will prolly happen in the books anyway(maybe with a different male character). So them cutting Fake Arya out to avoid a pointless rape scene is good thinking. Sansa getting raped is more understandable since she will prolly get her revenge anyway and her shedding that final coat of innocence before she does it makes the scene, not "pointless" at the least.

EDIT: Also, did Sansa really get raped? She never really said "STOP!" did she? They consummated the marriage and Sansa agreed to it, but there were threats and fear and not to mention, crying though. I don't get why people are angry over this but is fine with seeing death of characters, children etc... Some of the book readers who hate the show are silly though, saying Sansa getting raped is way too much when Fake Arya obviously had it worse.

That was definitely rape. I'm not upset over the handling or existence of the scene (other than the fact that it was horrifying to watch), but it most certainly was rape.

I continue to have high praise for Sophie and Alfie's acting.

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Season 5 has been beyond terrible. I've stopped looking forward to a new episode after the first 4, I just don't think the producers know what they are doing. Considering the wonderful material from A Dance of Dragons, this could - should - be going better. If I ever binge watch GoT in the future, this season will be passed over. I have no idea how they will finish this off with two more seasons, or even three.

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Rated it a 3 . Never rated my favorite show so low before. Ugh, just wtf! part of me wants to rant , but there is plenty of that which I agree with which I've read online, and everything that needs to be said, is being said.

Tyrion and Jorah moment, about Jeor Mormont was done quite well. I could watch those two actors work off one another for a whole film. and welcome back Diana Rigg

I cannot wait for Stannis to k*ck some ass

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Bar a couple of changes, I've been a supporter of this show since the beginning, but frankly .... I'm at a loss to understand how appallingly bad the Dorne stuff really is.

Nothing about getting on the bandwagon here ... it really IS that bad. Jaime and Bronn show up and the sandsnakes are at that very moment in a tunnel waiting, like ... hey, at WHAT point exactly did they even know they were there?

And let's not get started on the acting or Jaime and Bronn in 'disguise' like extras from an Abbot & Costello miove.

It just stands out like a sore thumb as by far the worst scripted and acted storyline of the shows entire run.

To think this replaced Stoneheart and the brilliantly written interactions of Edmure/Jaime at Riverrun is like the salt on the wound really ....

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I gave it my lowest this season: a reluctant 4.

There were some good scenes in there but it was all ruined by the Dornish, the birth mark plot hole (really GOT really? I felt like I was watching a tele novella) and of course that awful terrible final scene that was so unnecessary.

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I gave it my lowest this season: a reluctant 4.

There were some good scenes in there but it was all ruined by the Dornish, the birth mark plot hole (really GOT really? I felt like I was watching a tele novella) and of course that awful terrible final scene that was so unnecessary.

As dumb as it was when introduced, I am horrified to see the birthmark reemerge as the damning evidence against Loras. How tired of a plot device is the old secret birthmark? Shows how contrived the whole idea is, they had to force it with a daytime tele cliche. Got to get those characters out of their contracts somehow. I smell a socially "relevant" martyr in the shows future.

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I'm going to buck the trend here and admit I loved this episode and gave it a 10. I have my misgivings. There's no Darkstar, but I expected that; otherwise I actually enjoyed the Dornish scenes, which I'd expected I'd probably hate, given the deviations they've been making. The Arya scenes were very fine, and I don't much mind her responsibility in what was essentially the killing of an innocent girl as part of her training since in the books she is already a sociopath. I doubt we'll get to see her face transplant scene, but overall the Arya arc is going better than I'd assumed it would given Jaqen H'ghar's non-source appearance. I already knew the Sansa rape scene was going to happen, and really with the way that D and D have boxed themselves in by putting the Sanster at Winterfell instead of Jeyne Poole it was the only thing there that could happen. The alternative was having a bizarre blossoming romance with Ramsay that really would have shat over the source material, not least because Ramsay looks like a freak in the books and they've decided to make him into a ladies' man. Overall, this episode was very well structured and very well paced considering its necessary slowness in relation to plot. The only problem I have is how perfunctory the arrest of Margaery was, so we're missing out on a lot of entertaining scenes with mad Regent Cersei, but I could see that coming a mile off, so I'm not exactly spitting blood.

Note: I will admit that the Sand Snakes showdown with Jaime and Bronn was like something from a Pirates in the Caribbean film, but I quite enjoyed the corniness.

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I think it's the Sansa rape scene that's getting people's hackles up. People aren't criticising the episode except on emotional terms. As stated, D and D boxed themselves in there and it was the only thing they could do. And as someone else pointed out earlier, at least Theon, and Ramsay's implied interest in coprophilia and threats of forced bestiality were not involved.

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I enjoyed Obara and thought Ms.Hughes was entertaining.

Cersei and Lady Olena also great scenes.

Lena Headey is simply a force, fantastIc .

Arya doing well with difficult scenes, first class. Same with Tyrion/Dinkage.

Sansa and Ramsay scenes put cringe factor into the

stratosphere. I believe both actors are doing well within the

roles they are given.

Littlefinger - a strong performance as manipulator-in-chief.

Overall I rate the show an 8.

My rating is higher than most probably in part

due to my loving K.C.Hughes in the Obara role-http://33.media.tumblr.com/dd54e25e5b3cb5caabf8ffc3036094e2/tumblr_nkll3rrEh81u410r7o2_500.gif

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Man, I'm going to have to give this episode a 7. Shocking, since I rated episode 1 (8), episode 2 (9), episode 3 (8), episode 4 (10) and episode 5 (9)


- Tyrion and Jorah have excellent chemistry and play off very well. Iain Glein makes me really sympathize with Jorah compared to his book counterpart, especially when he learns his father is dead. The actor who plays Malko is great - from Oz and Lost - and should provide some levity to their storyline. Tyrion killing it with his wit as usual

- Arya in general was well handled and her storyline is picking up

- King's Landing is good, for the most part. I liked the Baelish and Cersei scene even though it does not make sense. Olenna Tyrell is great as always. I thought the arrest of Margaery and Loras was a bit off, but it made some sense in the context that the Faith hates gays (At least in the show)

- Alfie Allen again proving that he is one of the best actors on the show. Superb acting. Ramsay is also deliciously evil and a right royal bastard.

- Though the general storyline was atrocious, Areo Hotah and Doran Martell had a good scene together and both actors are good in their roles. Jaime and Bronn are still awesome together.


- Dorne was terrible. I'm sorry, but it was. The Sand Snakes are laughable and cliche, Ellaria is butchered as a character, Myrcella and Trystane is some Romeo and Juliet bullshit, the fight scene was clunkly done, the whole setup was terrible.

- Winterfell - what the fuck. this storyline is complete bullshit. What the fuck are D&D thinking? Sansa should not be in Winterfell right now, ok. I don't care, Littlefinger is a complete moron for leaving her alone with the Boltons. I don't understand how Sansa is supposed to recover from this. D&D are fucking morons. They could have done a great storyline where Sansa marries Robin Arryn and manipulates Robin Arryn to call on the forces of the Vale to reclaim the riverlands from Frey control and fight for her birthright of Winterfell. Retribution for the Red Wedding, you don't have to cast Lady Stoneheart, Sansa can take control of the Stark revenge plan, she can set aside the marriage when she is ready, she can free her uncle and reinstate the Tullys as her vassals. Eventually, Sansa could become Queen in the North and take out the Boltons or even ally with Stannis. All the while playing Littlefinger and becoming a true player.

I swear, if i wasn't busy with work, I would write a fucking thread on how I would have run this show from season 2 onward. It's clear Benioff and Weiss don't really care anymore. Fuck them. It's funny how I'm cursing them when they didn't write the episode, but Bryan Cogman did a good job with the shit he was given to write about.

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