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[Book Spoilers] Positive Nitpicking Thread

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Lady Olena- you can smell the shit....., put down the pen dear.....and both she and Cersei famous tart lines.

Tyrion and the pirates

Sansa putting Myranda in place, Sansa and Theon

Sansa's wedding gown and the scene in the Godswood.

ETA: Forgot the room of faces, I thought the face Arya was feeling looked like Cat.

Actually, I believe it was the art director's mother (he talks about the scene in the behind the scenes piece).

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I can understand the anger but as usual this thread is a great place to retreat to. I was a bit stunned when the credits rolled and I had to take stock of what I had seen. The episode airs at 2am where I am and I was lying awake for hours afterwards staring at the ceiling! Usually I'm awake making Stannis gifs and frothing at the mouth about furry cloaks and the grammar police on patrol etc.

But there's always something good in an ep even when the internet is breaking over a scene.

Speaking of - I was watching Thronecast yesterday (Sky Atlantic's companion show, in case non UK people are wondering) and Jessica Henwick said she was looking forward to ep 10 the most and the presenter of the show followed up by saying Daniel Portman had also mentioned that episode 10 would "break the internet". Gods help us all!

Especially if ImDb is correct ;).

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-Theon, Ramsay and Sansa in the end- the acting was spot on.

-Tyrions speech about Daenerys might not be good ruler made me remember he's actually clever for the first time in the Season. That, and he must lurk in the forums.

-Margaery, Tommen, Cersei and Olenna in the interrogation. Also the High Sparrow.

-Arya's acting was brilliant- you could actually see her hopes getting up hearing the waif's history, and realising she got bamboozled.

-The room of faces was good.

- Cock merchant :drunk:

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No boobies or dragons in this ep


if that's your main reason for the show watching... I advise a subscription to some magazines or internet surfing... just saying.

This series is a work of art, with a character list that is phenomenal...anyone can have breasts (that is the technical term, you heard it here first).. but not everyone can have an amazing character, amazing storyline...and a big following due the the words that come out of your mouth,

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