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Stannis is the man....nis

[BOOK and SHOW SPOILERS] theory: Does Sansa's story mean Stannis will win

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Hey guys first time posting here and I will start by talking about undoubtedly the hottest story on these threads and that is Sansa's changed storyline in the show in particular with the recent episode. So many have wondered the reason for this and here is my 2 cents. In discussion forums and others media talking about the upcoming battle of ice between Stannis and the Boltons people have pointed out that if Stannis is alive and does win he will have some trouble winning the North because they only follow Starks. Then it hit me maybe that is part of the reason Sansa is in the North so that D&D can save time with "he names her Wardeness

of the North and they follow him" while George has a longer scheme in the book involving the fake Arya or whatever he has planned. Plus the show itself has foreshadow this in episode 4 when LF said to Sansa that Stannis will name her Wardeness
of the North if he wins. Plus if this theory is true you can give Sansa her big moment as she can take part in a plot to sneak Stannis's men into Winterfell as it has been established she knows everything about Winterfell. Thoughts?

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