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[Poll] How would you rate episode 507?


How would you rate episode 507?  

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5/10 - and that's mostly because it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I was expecting after last week...

+ Cersei getting arrested was okay. I'm glad they included the septas, although they look out of place considering that the Sparrows have been so male-dominated up till this point.

+ The High Sparrow is actually putting in some great performances. His dialogue is way too modern but he sells it anyway.

+ Aemon's death was, again, okay. It could have been so much better but it also could have been so much worse.

+ This seems like a pretty unpopular opinion but I think Jon's storyline has been paced quite well so far.

+ Dany didn't feed anyone to her dragons... That was nice. She was only slightly out of character instead of completely, so yay...

- Another attempted rape scene. WTF is wrong with the producers?

- The colour and lighting are still horrendous... I could barely see any of the indoor scenes.

- Daenerys and Daario have no chemistry.

- The Queen of Thorns saying "shagging" really pulled me out of her scene with the High Sparrow... Not to mention how hamfisted his "we are the 99%" speech was.

- Tommen wants to kill all the Sparrows? Lol ok, what's stopping him?

- Dorne........... OMG what an embarrassment. I don't know how many people here watched the show when it first premiered, but back then it was actually considered an intelligent TV show about political intrigue, even if it was mocked for its sexposition. Let me assure you that no one would accuse GoT of being intelligent after watching the Dornish scenes LOL.

- Stannis continues to be horny for Melisandre...... ok. Then she suggests burning his only child and heir and he barely even reacts?? He doesn't even ask how or why sacrificing Shireen would help..... WTF. Who the fuck is gonna stick around and support a king who just burned a child alive? WHO WRITES THIS SHIT?

- The meeting between Dany and Tyrion really should have carried more emotional weight, but at least they gave some ok performances.

- Not sure why Jorah killing people made Dany sit back down. The writers are idiots.

... Ok looking back at my positive ratings, I kind of sound like Reek. "Oh D&D tortured me but at least they didn't FLAY me this time!"

I don't know how you got Baelor's Spet was frivilous, the seven are ruled by the father who forgives us all and we fly up to him away from sin. Excuse me, what about the Stranger and all the rest of the other seven, what do they do. Seven Septons surely one of them could be, bribed, bought and then they could also get rid of Mr High Sparrow. What about trial by combat, like what Tyrion had at the Eeyrie, was gonna have for murdering his father, and trial by truth. No we will just have a trial by the Seven what who are they, and why did they choose him? If you confess my child you will be pardoned and absolved depending upon your crime.

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9/10. I really liked this episode. It sucked seeing Sansa with bruises all over her and Theon still not helping her. I really hope Stannis doesn't kill his daughter. It was cool when Tyrion and Dany first meet. It was very sad when Aemon died. But I LOVED when Cersei got what was coming to her.

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I gave it a 6, actually a 4 plus two points for the, well two points.

Still no electricity or fire. The fighting pit scene could have learned from Gladiator or Sparticus although it was probably more true to actual circumstances. Tyrion proclaiming himself should have been more emotionally charged.

I hope that isnt the fighting pit they are going to use for the final scene I am expecting this season. Wat too small and not enough people spectating.

Egg being mentioned was a nice touch.

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I can see it now.. a video of that laughing guy on youtube talking about how the public is upset about dorne and sandsnakes but how they devised the plan to make everyone calm down by showing tits.

Lol, noticed many people stopped bitching about sand snakes after seein Tyene's boobs.

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Jorah killed no one. He disabled all the the other fighter with flair and skill.

Oh, I see. Well I guess that makes sense. Well played Jorah.

Like Dany couldn't recognize Jorahs clothes? I mean shit! He's been wearing the same threads since Season 1

That's a good point. Millions spent on this show, and the killer wardrobe department, and he's been wearing the same thing for 5 years. Poor guy. I still like the man though, even if he has greyscale. I was kind of hoping he'd "get the girl" one day. Guess that's not gonna happen...

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This was my favourite episode of the season by far I gave it a 9 even though some of the scenes didn't make sense the acting and dialogue were impeccable.I didn't like the attempted rape of gilly as a plot device it just felt gratuitous but if it is meant to convey Sams growing bravery and confidence then ok on the other hand the show gives us some great pearls of wisdom at times and one of them in Season 1 was Shae telling Tyrion that he should have never believed that a woman who was sexually assaulted by a group of men would then jump into bed with him hours later..its a shame they didn't keep true to those little pieces of real logic. I don't understand how the old Northern lady was implicated in trying to help Sansa or why Ramsay wouldn't of lit the candle to see who was trying to rescue Sansa. I thought the scene with the sand snakes and Bronn was sexy and entertaining. I have no idea where they are going with that but I will give them slack and trust it has a purpose. Tyrion and Jorah story was very well done I particularly enjoyed the made up back story for jorah that was laced with some truths it was obviously something Tyrion contrieved , interestingly he knew about Jorahs wife's betrayl.The high sparrow scenes with Lady Olenna and Cersei were excellent even though I have some resentment when it comes to the queen of thorns being given so much screen time at the expense of other characters it's the way the show is going and her scenes and dialogue were very good., Emilia Clarke has returned to form her reaction to Jorah and Tyrions appearance was flawless although I do hate that in an earlier scene she again covered her naked body purely for the camera which is ridiculous and ruins the realism of the show. The Maester Aemon scenes were touching and I hope forshadows a dunk and egg spinoff series. I felt as a whole this episode rescued the entire series for me .Cerseis face when Tommen said he loves Margaery was priceless as well as when it dawned on her that the high Sparrow was setting her up. We will just have to forgive team rocket for that awful fight sequence in the unbowed unbent and unbroken episode and hope they learned from their mistake which was presumbably being overawed by the chance to shoot in a location that they hurried too much of the filming and fight choreography but Tyene at least has showed us she can act, Bronns singing was very enjoyable. The show will go onwards and upwards from here hopefully

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What an amazing episode! I rate it 9! My favorite episode this season with 5 (Old Valyria :bowdown: ).

The King's Landing stuff was perfect and so exciting (Olenna/Littlefinger, Olenna/High Sparrow, Cersei/Marg and Cersei's arrest). Wow, just perfect and even better than I expected. The King's Landing stuff this season is really the best part.

The Dorne stuff is still a bit slow, but we're all here for the big reveal : Doran's plan. Theon's betrayal was a surprise, I thought he was gonna help Sansa and not betray her! The Sam/Gilly scene was scary, and I thought Bronn would die too! Aemon's death was sad, and his lines about Egg were amazing (I thought they would cut this).

And finally, the best moment this season so far : Dany and Tyrion meeting!! We've been waiting this for years!! So good! :love:

Now I'm so excited for next episode, I want the Dany/Tyrion interactions, Hardhome, Olenna/Littlefinger's plot and Cersei in the cell (with Qyburn's return, maybe??). :D

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can't buy any single scene of Sansa's desperation when I recall that she decided to go there, to obtain revenge. Now she wants to flee? So what was that? A short vacation trip to get to know the Boltons? .

So much this, overall it might have been the strongest episode of this mediocre season imo but Winterfell just doesn't work at all for me.

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Lol, noticed many people stopped bitching about sand snakes after seein Tyene's boobs.

I already liked them quite a bit before the episode so I was one of the very few

Pre-boob flash defenders. I fealt then there was more coming from these girls that would prove

entertaining and interesting. 1 poorly choreographed fight does not make or break a character imo.

Best example of that was Captain Kirk of the USS Enterprise,

owner of some of the cheesiest fight scenes in history, yet an alltime great character.

Even though Tyene has some serious curves going on, Obara is still my favorite and Ellia is

also going to be interesting to see her next move. I love the Sandsnakes even if they do not follow the book

exactly or even closely. The idea of Oberyn having these daughters who are so full of

passion and ready to back it up fearlessly even though they are clearly

youngish and smallish in the face of brute size adversaries, that's my favorite type of fight

and spirit.

It's 110 lbs of not afraid to die for what they believe in.

Others may prefer a Mountain character, give me the underdog, the "Davids" always.

Oberyn himself was David to the Mountains Goliath and he proved to be owner of the greatest fight scene this series has had imo.

Beyond the fight scenes though, these actresses out of Dorne can act.

Indira Varma is a veteran and Keisha Castle Hughes was nominated for an Oscar already.

They will deliver in future episodes when they have the dialogue

from the writers. They will not drop the ball.

They are not miscast at all imo.

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I enjoyed a few things, and cringed at a few others. Hopefully the momentum stays positive and the quality continues to ratchet up compared to past episodes, especially last week's epic failure.

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