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[Poll] How would you rate episode 507?


How would you rate episode 507?  

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I enjoyed this show but I am having troubles disconnecting the show from the books. I blame myself for that, not the writers/directors. they have about 2 1/2 seasons to tie up everything and I have faith that they already have the storyboards planned out for the rest of the series. The fact that this season is deviating from the books and creates scenarios we aren't familiar with or cutting ones we were expecting is affecting our enjoyment of the show. I think the season is moving along at a remarkable fast pace and it seems hard to believe there are only three episodes left.

I enjoyed the Dorne scenes... sue me. The Jaime scene reinforces what all of us know, that Jaime is Myrcella's father. But to her, he is an uncle who never paid her any mind. Who is he to tell me who I can love... in a situation I was forced into... in a place I didn't want to go? The prison scene with Bronn and the Sand Snakes forced the nudity quota a bit but its freaking GoT!!! Unneeded nudity has happened for 5+ seasons. Also, I think it will eventually foreshadow cracks in the union of the Sand Snakes when it really matters. Plus, it makes sure we never forget... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5V8ecsrxeY

EDIT: Went back and reread earlier posts. Cheers to Hand of the Kingslayer for having the same song on their mind when referencing Bronn!!!!

I enjoyed the Wall stuff but I don't think I wanted Aemon to die yet. He was one of the few characters, like Barristan, who was valuable to putting the pieces of prophecies and histories together for the younger generation. Now, they are both gone. The Sam-Gilly attack and love making didn't bother me and seemed appropriate given the circumstances (Jon leaving, Aemon dying). Plus... GHOST!

I thought the Stannis stuff was just enough to hold us off until the big snow battle begins in Episode 9.

I liked the fallout from Winterfell. Sansa pleads for Theon's help and it backfires. Makes sense. Sansa's old lady friend is flayed. Makes sense. Sansa grabs something and quickly hides it. Hmmmm... something tells me that is going to get used in her next appearance and I'm looking forward to it.

The Tyrion-Dany stuff was a tease but you know Tyrion will probably single-handedly save those future scenes. Mereen has badly needed some good acting and it is going to happen finally.

The Cersei scene actually disappointed me a tad bit. I think she was actually too reserved in her response. I wanted her to go mad. Way too reserved. Everything else about King's Landing was fine.

Super solid episode and I think the last three episodes are going to be cram-packed with super interesting fallout from everything that has been building so far. The payoff is going to be huge in nearly every single location...

The Wall - Caesar

Winterfell - Baratheon-Bolton Battle / Sansa's escape

Kings' Landing - Trial of Margary & Loras / Cersei's walk of shame

Dorne - Either Jamie & Bronn accomplish their mission or they don't. I have no idea how it turns out. If Myrcella gets an ugly scar to go match her uncle's, it will be a bonus!

Meereen - Dany & Tyrion! Drogon! Fighting Pits!

House of Black & White - Eh... been a bit of a letdown so far but something has to finally give. I have hope!!!

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Parts of it were good, parts of it were underwhelming. Aemon's death wasn't particularly strong and felt tossed in. That seems to be a theme this season: the "big" moments have passed by without much of an impact. Like Slynt's execution - they're not bad, they just don't resonate very well. I also find three violent scenes (Sansa's abuse, the flayed woman, attempted rape) very trying on a viewer. I don't see why they needed the sex scene to be built up through sexual assault: sharing comfort over Aemon's demise would have sufficed, and added pathos. I'm not sure why Ghost doesn't travel with Jon - are they dropping the connection?

I also liked the High Sparrow and the Queen of Thorn's sparring, although it did read a bit to modern in my mind. Ramsay is particularly gruesome. The Tyene scene was fine for what it was - at least the nudity had a point.

Direction-wise, I thought MS was fine, he made good use of the sets and environments. One thing I didn't like was the fight scene (it's also, iconographically, way too close to Gladiator) where the motions felt very augmented and visually unappealing. Tyrion beating the slaver was funny though.

Thrones continues its complete lack of subtlety in the "30 Dismayed Reaction Shots of Olly" and "Cersei Threatens to Burn Cities - What Could THAT Mean?" department. :rolleyes:

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1 out of 10 Stannis Davos Mel scene

Seriously what a load of phoo'ey

Broken empowered airbrushed on the top of her arms impossible when a man holds hips or restrains the wrists, has suddenly jump out of bed bolting the door theon your not a reek save me. Dunnananana bat signal, later taunts and taunts with words and actions Ramsey to his face ugh do no kiss meh. So he flays the granny because reek told, then all of sudden wahaaaaa.

Aemon just die already spare us just spare us. Alistar has a sun tan in the snow, Chekov is still nodding.

Jon goes off to get the wildlings, appearently it is a really bad idea

Mel wants to kill Shireen because no Breeches oops leeches, and Davos don't like the cold

Gilly has an attempted rape she fight back but Sam get beaten, than wiat for it Jon direwolf appears and Sam and Gilly have sex

In Dorne, Bronn has been posioned, appearently enhanced by tits wins an antidote, Mycella has been learning from Sansa I don't want to go home, I'm in love

Dany has sex with Daario she is topless in bed but refuses to show her tits, if that was acting well I be damned

In Meereen, Jorah and Tyrion get sold to the fighting piss, Funny Dany arrives with like zero gaurds. These guys are just randomly partnered and told to fight, and Jorah who wasn't told fight goes and fight he doesn't kill but knocks out everybody who just lets him. Tyrion because he is a dwarf cannot escape like a cartoon come on chain break just break already, somehow this big fatso who we haven't seen rapes oops breaks his chain so he can run into the pits. Jorah has removed his helm so Dany can see him, just kill him, No exile him but I brought you a dwarf instead

Ollena threatens a High Sparrow they exchange dominant banter with each other, learns she must put her thorns somewhere else. So she goes to a brothel and meets LF

Tommen stupid tears was like the most pathetic acting I have ever sceen did he have lipstick, please mommy help meh wahaa I loves her I really loves. Cersei come I give hug, hug you. I'll burn cities klill people for you, but let me go and taunt Margaery.

Cersei learn that nobody built Baelor sept because he was a frivilous Targaryen, out steps Lancel who has learned to fly escaping sin. Trials aren't concduct by combat or faith, or the laws of the seven kingdoms. They are rue by seven septons where if you confess you get pardon provding your sin wasn't so evil

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Ehh i expected it tbh. I loved Dany's face actually. It was both disgust because Jorah, and sheer shock because Tyrion. I really enjoyed her stuff this week. Her look of absolute disgust at Daario's mention of pulling a Red Wedding was gr9. Shes like "bruh, thats fucked up!" Just wait until she finds out from Tyrion about the actual Red Wedding!


good acting by Emilia.

I also liked Joel Fry's work, checking out Dany's reaction to Jorah. Exacltly what we were doing!

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9/10. Great episode, best so far this season. Finally liking the Sand Snakes. At least, liking them better.

Really enjoyed Myrcella, she handled that situation well.

Stannis telling Melisandre to go fuck herself was the best moment for me. The Mannis!!!

Olenna and Sparrow was absolutely fantastic. And Olenna and Baelish. Pretty much anything with Olenna is gold.

I can't stand Emilia Clarke's acting usually, but it was pretty damn good this episode. Can't wait to see how she and Tyrion interact.

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Best episode of the season and seriously restored my faith in the show after it was beginning to meander a little. I thought the pace was much better, the plots are really starting to come together and feel the final three episodes may well be epic!

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8/10. Finally it looks like the start of the bigger things happening. Maester Aemon and Ghost are the highlights of the episode.


One of the best episodes ever.

I loved how the High Sparrow was portrayed is his dichtonomy between voice of the many and Savonarola going to be Bin Laden. The performance of Jonathan Price was in no way behind Charles Dance and that is a lot imo. And Cersei! The dialogues, the atmosphere, Lena Headey, everything on spot.

Tommen, heartbreaking! The change of the actor was worth it, I guess! The young actor is excellent, so pure and insecure, touching and heartbreaking in being in love and yet showing that he might be the child driven to cruelty by those exploiting him.

And yet - Cersei's monologue about what a mother might do, that was sincere. Indeed no one who has not had children would understand that she might be right here. Would we burn down cities? Maybe. Throughout the series I loved the changes they had done to Cersei, emphazising the love for her children and here all this payed off!

The slave auction was too short. As I have written quite often already I would have loved Tyrion to be taken even lower down. But the victim striking back and yet being perceived as nothing but funny was already quite humiliating. Both Dinklage and Glenn were phantastic, Dinklage as Tyrion acting out and talking too much and Jorah with on the spot minimal acting.

I did not mind Dorne this time. Jaime and Myrcella were just like they had to be: not understanding each other at all. And I loved Jerome Flynn singing. That little game between Bronn and Tyene was actually quite funny and not "gratitious" nudity. Gratitious nudity, gratitious eating, gratitious singing, leave me alone with that word and give me all that delicious gratitiousness! No, it is in no way negative to show a naked body since here it was part of Tyene's game, part of the story.

Daario and Dany are a devillish couple. Emilia Clarke's face showing and hiding disgust was great. Jorah was JORAH, Tyrion was TYRION and FINALLY! FINALLY! Tyrion and Dany met.

That icy Winterfell! Sansa tortured physically and mentally, yet so strong in her despair, the actress is gettting better and better, kudos to Turner! No, this could not go so easily with Reek, he had to regress.

Stannis' story becomes breathtaking to me finally and Shireen's fate now is the story part that touches me most emotionally since my other favorites are safe for many more episodes to come.

Aegon, Gilly and Sam... Egg I dreamt..... That was touching, all of it!

Landy Olenna and Baelish? Why was Olenna so helpless? There will be more I hope.

A truly phantastic episode! Subtle and concentrated. Exquisite light and camera.

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I gave it a 9. I gave last week's a 10, and probably slightly overrated it. This wasn't too far off last week's in quality. Some caveats, though. The pointless compression or elimination of content and fanfic tendencies have been niggling at me this season even though I've praised it and enjoyed it. Some of these deviations from source are actually improvements, but a large number of them are either middling or just bad. That scene with Gilly and Sam was simply thrown in out of context for cheap luridity value, and it makes no sense that she'd seduce Sam just after almost being raped and that he wouldn't have tried to stop her on account of his vows, since after all he is within the precincts of the Castle. The Sandsnakes and Bronn scene was amusingly bad, and featured some of the season's worst dialogue (which when I saw it leaked here a week ago I thought might have been a spoof). Some beautiful toplessness, however, and at least it was entertaining. Tommen is really annoying in this. Bad overacting, and terrible dialogue does not a better adaptation of the book character make. But a somewhat erratic first half was made up for with a consistently terrific second half. The Meereen and King's Landing scenes were beautifully handled, even if in the latter case slightly nonsensical. Exactly why was it necessary for Lady Olenna to gain information about Cersei's adultery when it turned out that the High Sparrows could just as easily have got that information from Lancel of his own accord? Ah, well, sod it anyway; I've given it a 9. On the down side, we're getting no Abel, so it seems that Mance is truly dead, and we're probably now not getting any besieging of Meereen. We certainly aren't getting any involvement from the Greyjoys. But in spite of my reservations concerning the lurid altering of Sansa's story arc, the Bolton scenes have been consistently very good.

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This week the story really depended on the actors to give spot performances and they did that.

The story has too many plot arcs running from one side of the boat to the other , three episodes left to advance , must be some corkers to come, well we know one.

That a nine for the sheer audacity of jamming that much story into 60 min.

Seems as if Arya , for the first time, will have less story time than any other major character. I know it's hard to made the 'in-house' training at the HoBaW interesting , but her living on the streets of Braavos was a high point of Feast and Dance.

With only 3 Ep left quite a rush to get through her story, I am thinking she will be in Braavos next season, but she's seems to be in Winds too.

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I gave it 9/10,

I thought it was enjoyable to watch because no Arya - she has become so fucking boring this season. It's funny how the things that are the best in a book can be the worst on TV.

I think the arya stuff this season has been fantastically atmospheric, in keeping with the strangeness of the situation. Different pace, but none the leaser for it

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If sceens like Allistar Thorne having a sun tan in snow win a 9 I would hate to see what parody wins a 10.

Emila what. If when she is in bed having sex, topless for all the film crew to ascertain her assets, had she done even a partial nude sceen we would not have such wanton nudity throughout this series.

Tommen was a pathetic spoilt child, not a king, those crocodile tears were ridiculously absurd. His lips matched Cersei the same gloss

Tyene's tits what, umm necessary. Why is she jailed in pathetic common cell across from whom she hates, yet she undresses just for him giving the only antidote in the world.

Rape means sex later? In Castle Black with a sworn brother Sam and Gilly, Jon also leaves his wolf at the watch when he is going Spec'ops

The fighting pits wouldn't she order Jorah dead not send him away where?

Baelor didn't build his Spet trials aren't conduct by combat or truth. No they have seven judges that pardon confessions so people can fly into the arms of the father not the stranger or anyone of the other seven. The cells have want of even a bucket.

The episode was absolutely dreadful in total contradiction throughout.

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Strange that we didn't see Arya in an episode called The Gift... It was a perfect episode name if Jon had settled the wildlings on the New Gift, and Arya gave the gift to someone. I was surprised neither of those happened.

Dorne... at this stage, why did they even bother with this storyline? It gets so little airtime, and what it does get is so average, that it really seems the writers just thought they "had to" do Dorne, but totally didn't see the point of it.

Other than Cersei, everything else was just setup, so it's really a bridge episode. I guess exposition is unavoidable in a show this size, but they don't really make a masterpiece of it...

Some gripe with the Queen of Thornes. We're told she's this big schemer, but she keeps getting shown up at every turn. And those sassy lines got old with last season's "eat this food I paid for".

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Ramsay forcibly grabbed her arms to hold her down when he took her - that's what I thought the bruises represented.

Use your imagination please stop and think how that is possible in any sexual postioning? Why is he grabbing her biceps over a half nelson. If upon grabbing her biceps why not her neck why did she not have facial brusing it is impossible.

A she is taller then him, so that means extended reach what postion had we seen, and you wouldn't logically hold her there to restrain. In any real postioning, maybe missionary, but then you would probably grab the neck, still hold the wrist behind the head..

The concept was absurd followed by her taunting and taunting, why hasn't Brienne been discovered?

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Use your imagination please stop and think how that is possible in any sexual postioning? Why is he grabbing her biceps over a half nelson. If upon grabbing her biceps why not her neck why did she not have facial brusing it is impossible

I am, I can and it is :D Anal, pillows...

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I am, I can and it is :D Anal, pillows...

Grow up. Its not gonna happen on the upper arms during sex maybe some other time, prior after. Almost anywhere and everywhere else. but upper arms that works the best how?

A yucky gross point but a lack of concept shown.

Edited by Johnsmith
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