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SPOILERS - Tyrion reveals himself...shocker or not...you be the judge

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agreed ..

i do wonder whether some guys read the books actually ..

Dany in the books constantly think about jorah and how he will counsel for a situation and whether he did reach home or not

FFS she dreams about jorah advising her which shows how much she respects him ...

and Someone saying that Barristan not having balls enough to tell her to go to westeros ...its the only thing he keeps saying in the books

i believe there are more than a few on this forum (GoT not ASoIaF) have not

barristan said it in the show too, but she has shown she feels obligated to fix the mess she made.

Pretty sure it will be Jon snow getting stabbed or Cersei doing the walk of shame, D&D could not possibly killing off Daenerys, could they? Please No!

well that would break the internet...more than jon getting stabbed...

only thing worse would be tyrion getting killed off...

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just a nod to tyrion and dany's meetings in epi 7 and 8....i am thinking that him introducing himself and then the conversations that followed have made his part invaluable to the meereenese knot and it will untangle it for good and for all...

i for one am very happy this moment occurred and it seems to be moving forward at a good pace...

thanks for all the great comments :cheers:

carry on if you feel froggy


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