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ASoIaF Chess Tourney

a free shadow

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Here is what scribes have preserved for the history books, after the last surviving witnesses of the battle have returned to tell the story. And for the dead, there speaks nobody. Although there is said about them, that the first to die were bishops, who stepped close to the enemy lines, trying to negotiate peace, and then came the time for noble knights, who rode to protect the king with their lives and failed.

'Jaime Lannister sends his regards', whispered the Dornish queen, dressed all in black and emerging terribly in front of the exposed and helpless white king.

'Oh, really? I thought he was in the Riverlands', - wondered the king, 'Laying an important siege and all that stuff one calls a good story.'

The queen threw a sour look at him: 'Any last words?'

"Olly,' - murmured the king unreasonably.

'What was that?' - asked the queen, grappling for understanding.

'Olé', - corrected the king with flourish and promptly ran into the knife the queen pointed at him. He ran into it ten times.

And the rest is all in the songs.

Congratulations to Braavosi Lemons, the first of his name and standing tall as a king, if you trust a shadow :ninja:

He is crowned the winner of the first ASoIaF tourney and has the right to put this name on his personal insignia. Might he rule long and prosper. :ninja:

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