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What the hell is the Thing That Came in the Night?


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“There’s nothing here to hurt us, Your Grace.”

Bran wasn’t so certain. The Nightfort had figured in some of Old Nan’s scariest stories. It was here that Night’s King had reigned, before his name was wiped from the memory of man. This was where the Rat Cook had served the Andal king his prince-and-bacon pie, where the seventy-nine sentinels stood their watch, where brave young Danny Flint had been raped and murdered. This was the castle where King Sherrit had called down his curse on the Andals of old, where the ’prentice boys had faced the thing that came in the night, where blind Symeon Star-Eyes had seen the hellhounds fighting. Mad Axe had once walked these yards and climbed these towers, butchering his brothers in the dark.

Or maybe it wasn’t Mad Axe at all, maybe it was the thing that came in the night. The ’prentice boys all saw it, Old Nan said, but afterward when they told their Lord Commander every description had been different. And three died within the year, and the fourth went mad, and a hundred years later when the thing had come again, the ’prentice boys were seen shambling along behind it, all in chains.

The footfalls sounded heavy to Bran, slow, ponderous, scraping against the stone. It must be huge. Mad Axe had been a big man in Old Nan's story, and the thing that came in the night had been monstrous.

This is one of those scary Nightfort stories.

The thing that had been Catelyn Stark took hold of her throat again, fingers pinching at the ghastly long slash in her neck, and choked out more sounds.

The things below moved, but did not live. One by one, they raised their heads toward the three wolves on the hill. The last to look was the thing that had been Thistle.

There are worse ways to die than drowning. And if truth be told, he had perished long ago, back in King's Landing. It was only his revenant who remained, the small vengeful ghost who throttled Shae and put a crossbow bolt through the great Lord Tywin's bowels. No man would mourn the thing that he'd become. I'll haunt the Seven Kingdoms, he thought, sinking deeper. They would not love me living, so let them dread me dead.

All three of these quotes refer to the undead or in Tyrion’s case, a person deprived of humanity.

So, what the hell is this?

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it makes me think it's the same figure though, in some of the stories. it sounds like a recruiter to me. Maybe it's an Other. Maybe it's an Other who was once a brother. who has taken the oath. Maybe it's a Wildling, taking a male, to sacrifice to the Others to fulfill the agreement.

Whatever you want to believe, it translates into: Something appeared, took 3 males, and the next time they were seen they were with the thing as undead servants. It makes sense if you think about it.

The big debate is, time was taken to name King Sherritt, and an apparent curse that he exclaimed.

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they are both one in the same. It is a new theory I have. Because you never see them together and both are huge dicks they must be one and the same.

Or do you mean all 3 are the same and the thing is their member? Perhaps it's a large parasitic slug that either houses itself in male characters member or female characters throats - the thing that came in the night :)

On a serious note, I have no idea what this thing is?

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