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[Book Spoilers] Wedding Vow Question

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I haven't seen this yet (I'm waiting for the DVDs to come out, and may not even buy this set), so I have a question.

During the wedding in ADwD, when Theon and Jeyne approach the heart tree, Ramsay's first line in the ceremony is "Who comes before the god?" Although this is the first Old Gods rite wedding we have seen, the use of the singular "god" struck many as being very strange. (Speculation on this belongs in the book threads.)

Did this happen in the show? What exactly were the vows?

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Sansa is brought to the godswood by Theon; when they arrive, Roose says:

'Who comes before the old gods this night?'

Theon replies:

'Sansa of the house Stark comes here to be wed.

A woman grown, trueborn and noble.

She comes to beg the blessings of the gods.'

ETA: I was very curious to see how they'd do that too.

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