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[Book Spoilers] EP508 Discussion


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This was the best episode in years, truly amazing from start to finish I was actually impressed with Dany and Tyrion. We got Arya's first mission, Cersei was spot on and started to break. Reek and Sansa were amazing too. And that Hardhome sequence, absolutely amazing!

I wasn't bored, which was more than I could say for some of the other scenes I've seen this season. The Hardhome battle was outstanding. I had hoped the Wildling woman warrior might turn out to be Val or the equivalent; because I liked her more than I ever liked book-or-TV-Ygritte.

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Tonight's episode was INCREDIBLE!!! OMG that whole section on Hardhome with the fight to the end was absolutely amazing. Just WOW!!! That was just so amazing. Like WOW!!!! The whole episode was great, but that section was jaw-dropping.

- Tyrion/Dany... amazing. Loved every moment.
- Cersei... hoisted by her own petard and so sweet.
- Sansa... oh, man, the look on her face when Theon/Reek finally confessed that Bran/Rickon are alive! LOVED IT!
- Arya... just the fact that she was in tonight's episode was fabulous because I wasn't expecting to even see her. (Not sure why they changed her "character's" name from 'Cat' to 'Lana' as it was in the books, though. Seemed so unnecessary, but oh well. Small thing, though when you take in the whole awesome of the episode.)

- Hardhome... I LOVED the moment when the White Walker king saw Jon take down the White Walker fighter and we really saw him just looking at him. So cool. And how he made sure that Jon saw him awake the wights at the very end. It was so chilling. So effectively done without music, just the sound effects of the water lapping and the battle sounds.

Just what a FANTASTIC episode. So, so, soooooooooo good. Just mind blown.

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How is it possible with ALL those wildlings.. none of them were using FIRE ?

1. It escalated QUICKLY! :p

2. The snow storm and the white walkers themselves were putting out flames. The walker Jon killed made the hut fire die away.

That was a tremendous episode. I don't care that it spoiled the valyrian steel kills Others. That was just awesome. So awesome was the ending that it completely overshadowed a really nice banter between Dany and Tyrion.

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Wish they will show more of the white walkers. Other issues from King's landing and Mereen seem silly now compared to the bigger fight.

I know, right?

DANY: I want to break the wheel

JON: Girl, I got wights and white walkers breathing down my neck.

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Well, the Others are a different race of beings that seem to be heat intollerant and they are necromancers, or their King is. wights have to either be hacked to peices or burned to be killed but the Others have to have dragonglass or valyrian steele and or maybe dragonfire to kill them. Ok, we knew that but that was one fucking awesome fighting sequence. it does appear that Jon Tar.. , ahgh I mean Lord Commander Snow has the destinct attention of the Night's King as if the Night's King knows who he is.

As for the episode intrigue, I told you guys so, Sansa will save that corkscrew for Ramsay in an intimate moment and Not use it to torture Theon into confessing. He did that on his own.

Maybe the Night's King sensed the danger Jon could bring to them, since he's also of Fire due to his Targaryen blood.

A fight between Jon and Night's king would be epic. At least he's got his Longclaw.

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Great episode.

I really liked Dany and Tyrion. He's going to really help her.

I really liked Cersei being all "I'm not groveling. I'm the queen." And then slurping the water off the floor.

I really liked finally seeing Arya do something. Glad they're keeping the merchant murder.

I really liked that Sansa knows her brothers are alive.

And I loved Jon being all LC "I run things here"

Things I wasn't so crazy about.

Why would Jorah go back to the pits?

The Undead. I really hate all things zombie. I don't care who resurrects you. Zombies suck!

But the fight scenes were great, even if it is zombies.

It really clear that Olly thinks he has to do what he has to do after that chat with Sam.

As for next week's trailer, the look Alister gives Jon.... oy.

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I wasn't bored, which was more than I could say for some of the other scenes I've seen this season. The Hardhome battle was outstanding. I had hoped the Wildling woman warrior might turn out to be Val or the equivalent; because I liked her more than I ever liked book-or-TV-Ygritte.

I was thinking the exact same thing! She would have been amazing as the show alternative to Val. I still don't understand why she let the wight-kids kill her....

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It's long been my theory: When a normal person dies, they become wights.

When a Stark dies, they join the council of the White Walkers. Maybe in the past, when the Starks got old, they left to go "hunting".... But they were going to join their ancestors.

The tombs in Winterfell are empty.

So, the summarize:

The Others wearing the sweet armor: Dead Starks. The Kings Of Winter.

The Other soldiers: Babies that were turned.

Wights: Normal people killed.

Interesting. I'd say only the leader, or as I think of him, the Night's King, is a stark. The white walkers who look to be made of ice are more ice golems, using crasters children as vessels or sacrafices to create them. And the other Others may have been the Nights Kings followers, or if he is also the last Hero than the Last Hero's 12 companions.

Overall, holy shit great episode. Our first extended look at the threat beyond the wall and it did not disappoint. Those of you complaining, I'm sure you complain about most things in life. That was awesome.

ETA: Talk between Olly and Sam was riddled with irony/foreshadowing. Off the top of my head "Somtimes you have to make a tough decision others wont understand but you know you must do"

not to mention

"I've been worried about Jon for years, he always comes back"

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Oh crap, I was so excited about Hardhome I already forgot that Sansa had a huge moment as well :blushing: Again, just an amazing episode.

I was on the edge of my seat saying, "Do it! Tell her!!" and when he did I had the same feeling as when Tyrion called Dany "Your Grace" - these enormous game-changer events happening that book-readers have been waiting for forever!!
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