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[Poll] How would you rate episode 508?


How would you rate episode 508?  

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ah the lighting.

I have virgin and I therefore don't have sky Atlantic and therefore can't watch it on tv so I have to watch it on my laptop.

So the lighting is horrendous for me. Well maybe not as I don't watch it on tv. Why does every scene have to be so gloomy

I watch it from laptop too and it's horrrrrrrible... Can't see a thing for 70% of the episode.
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Gave it a 10/10..

But didn't anyone else find it odd that while Winterfell is two neck deeps in snow,HardHome didnt have much snow(it wasnt even snowing when John

made it to HH) and the sea continued to flow till the end instead of turning into rock solid ice.

I felt that was deliberately done because that was the only way out for John.

The storm is centered over Winterfell...Castle Black and the area around the Wall aren't getting the same weather, even though they are further north. (spooky magic book storm)

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Some people are really hard to be pleased !

Great episode, one of the best in the series, the WW and the Night's King looked awesome. Like how Arya is developing, and Jon's acting was great.

10 !

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I gave it a nine because of some unecessary scenes such as Sam and Gilly.

No one can deny the battle at the end wasn't awesome and so full of revelations, not even us book readers and show-critics.

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Brilliant episode! 10! It looks like a final episode, but it's only the 8th! :bowdown:

Tyrion and Dany was just perfect! The irony and the wit of Tyrion, Dany's wheel speech about the houses, and the fact that they both want to come back to Westeros.... And Tyrion mentionning Varys! Per-fect. It's what I was dreaming! Great writing, well done!

Hardhome was amazing. Great acting, great special effects and great writing too! The meeting with the wildlings, the tension, the wildling woman (I'm impressed), the battle, the walkers, Jon vs the Other, longclaw, the people leaving, the dead rising... And Wun Wun!

The Arya sequence was perfectly done, so was Cersei's. And Sansa finally knows about Bran and Rickon! If Ramsay leaves Winterfell, it's the perfect moment to do something!

I'm so so excited for next episodes! :drool: :drool:

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I find it insane that a lot of people (I assume non-book readers) have been giving every episode up until now a 9 or 10. Before last week's 7, I have not gone higher than a 5 with mostly 3's and 4's for ratings. And after last night's show, which I gave a 9, there are people giving it a 4 or 5. I am simply dumbfounded.

It's all subjective.

I'm sure those same people (who are NOT necessarily non-book readers) would find it insane that you give such consistently low ratings.

Basically, it's best to worry about what you think and not what others think.

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I stole all the camera lights from the Game of Thrones sets, that's why the scenes are so dark that I can only see my own reflection. There. My cleavege is way more interesting than 80% of the scenes, that's why I stole your bloody lights, so I can stare at myself on the laptop screen for 40 minutes and see boobs on the show even when there aren't any included in the script.

Yeah, I watch it on my iMac, and when I first watched it in daylight, I was getting pretty annoyed that my own reflection was dominating lots of the scenes. It was somewhat better on a nighttime rewatch. The darkness is definitely a bit much on a computer - is there the same issue on a TV?

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Before the Hardhome sequence began I was thinking the episode was great: interesting Dany/Tyrion development discussing actual future plot development (she's about to be going to Westeros after all), awesome Theon/Sansa scene that hints at a future Stark reunion, great Cersei, perfect Braavosi atmosphere...

And then Hardhome began. And wow. It's just perfect. The whole sequence,the lenght, the build-up, the tension, the drama... Absolutely perfect. Again, it sets up the future of the show (Jon Snow vs. White Walkers), and it uses several key moments of book 5 to create something superior to anything we read in that book.

I also thought the structure of the episode was perfect. Instead of devoting a whole episode to the battle and missing all the other storylines, the first half developed most of the storylines while the second half worked as a condensed "Blackwater" episode.

I think it's safe to say that this episode, overall, was better than the books.

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Enjoyable episode so i'd give it an 8 or 9

The 20 minute battle was good though a couple things annoyed me, like how several wights were downed wildling weapons. Jon vs WW was fairly cool and I liked the eery silence between initial slaughter and assaulting the gates. Blue Darth Maul had a nice moment for himself.

Tyrion and Daenerys scene was painfully bad, literally everything about it was piss poor

Roose, Sansa, Cersei and Arya's bits were grand

No sand snakes was a relief

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I'm quite conservative with my scoring, I gave it in an 8, considering I gave the last episode a 2 or something this was a huge improvement, I enjoyed most of the scenes.

And I actually liked the winterfell scene this episode too, I thought Alfie Allen acted the hell out of it *applause*

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Easily the best episode of the season so far. I gave it an 8 mostly for entertainment value.

The lack of the 1/10 Dorne story meant it wasn't dragged down too much.

I can't forgive the dreadfully handled Sansa in Winterhell story line and it shouldn't take the situation she has been put in for Sansa to finally attempt to take control of her life. The change we're finally seeing in Sophie's performance shouldn't have required rape and a ridiculous marriage to Ramsay to facilitate it.

Arya in Braavos is generally pretty good, but she should have been on this assignment sooner than ep8.

I'm not sure about the Sam/Gilly/Olly sequence. I will need to re-evaluate it on a second viewing.

I'm not sure about how they've handled King's Landing. I'm not keen that we're already supposed to have sympathy for Cersei and getting to this postion has been very dubiously handled. The whole point of the punishment we have got so far is the challenge it brings to our sense of what justice is. If we already sympathise before it happens, the point of the punishment in the story is somewhat lost.

The Hardhome battle was an impressive piece of entertainment and I was very much on the edge of my seat, not knowing how it would play out, particularly when Edd went missing (even though it's a crime how un-dolorous he is in the show). The difference here is that this mission to Hardhome feels quite a logical result of how the show has changed things. The reasons for it were established and built up and it made sense for Tormund to ask Jon to go with him.

Braavos and the Night's Watch stories have been relatively well handled this season, even if Braavos/THoBaW could have developed quicker. The rest leaves a huge amount to be desired.

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