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[Poll] How would you rate episode 508?


How would you rate episode 508?  

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Not quite a 10. More like a 9 or something. The Olly stuff isn't at all subtle and it's redundant now to the point we get where it's all going.

The battle at the end was a bit too frantic...a good thing, but the editing was a bit off since it was hard to keep up with what was going on. Too much cutting.

No Ghost with Jon.

But yeah, this season han't been as bad as everyone seems to think so I'm not overly suprised they pulled off a pretty good show here tonight. But it wasn't the best imo.

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I thought it was, and it was kind of confirmed IMO in the 'inside' with D&D by the less douchey D. He called him the Night King a few times.

Thank you. I haven't read any D&D interviews; perhaps it's time to branch out :)

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Book readers, eat your heart out, The show has finally surpassed the books. great show!

Episode was stellar, but there's still a lot of work to be done to make up for the ENTIRE rest of this season, which was pretty much an out of control grease fire of momentous proportions. One ep that is up to spec doesn't make the other 7 less craptastic

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Yeah, if the after credits convo, Benioff confirms it was the Night's King. He actually says it kind of casually too, which made me laugh.

ty! I also loved the way they showed the danger of the white walkers and their wights. There have been a few threads on how their armies would be easy to defeat, and this episode showed, that these guys will not be easy to take down.

Other hints I found interesting: The WW and their wights sound like they will be the big bad humanity must unite to fight. I really hope the novels add something to that; as things stand, Mordor's coalition had more nuance, what with its alliance with misguided humans.

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I gave it a 9.

My highest rating and best episode of the season so far. Tyrion and Dany were fun. Hardhome was great. Wun Wun was amazing (The only one to think of using fire against them ice zombies). And I'm so glad the Sand Snakes didn't ruin the party. I think it's quite telling when the best episode so far had no Dorne.

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10. Hardhome was of course amazing. WunWun! Longclaw! This episode was tailor made for book readers frustrated by GRRM's teasing us. When will a Stark find out Bran and Rickon are alive? When will Tyrion and Dany discuss their daddy issues? When will the White Walkers finally do SOMETHING? Done, done, and done. Loved this episode. Thank you, D&D, for finally letting something good happen to a Stark.

The only thing that could have been better: I kinda wanted some WW dialogue. Can they talk? I really thought the one staring down Jon was going to say something, offer a tiny bit that could be a clue to us. What are they, why do they exist, do they want anything other than KILL ALL THE THINGS?

Cannot wait till next week. The WunWun SFX were great and give me hope that they can pull off next week. Having a main character ride a CG dragon will be their toughest effects test yet, and I don't think its a scene they can do with wide angle/CG Dany. I want to see her eyes. I want it to be epic. For what it's worth, WunWun swinging a flaming tree trunk at waves of undead is one of the most amazing thing's they've pulled off.

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For me, this was best this season for the sole purpose - Hardhome. But, while Hardhome production-wise is in the league of its own, the rest of the episode was somewhat disappointing.

The stellar Hardhome scene was everything and more. This is Game of Thrones we like. The music, the production, the battle, the impending doom, all wrapped up in a nice package. However, the aesthetic of Night's King was somewhat problematic. I am still struggling with who is who and I am not that huge fan of the new look for White Walkers. Kit Harington is so good when he is doing anything but talking. This guy should never be allowed to speak. The moment he stopped uttering words with that facial expression, everything improved significantly.

Dynamic Duo scenes were somewhat underwhelming. Perhaps I expected a bit too much, and they need to build this new friendship, but Tyrion/Dany conversation, while it had its moments, wasn't the greatest conversation. And this is the conversation. This is that conversation. The one that made the history. Or at least it should have been.

I am also not big fan of Cersei and how she acted through this episode. I needed "bi*ch lost it" attitude, not "I will yell occasionally". Arya's path was nicely done and I am seeing her descending into the darkness of Faceless. Sansa scene was interesting. Apparently, the knowledge of Bran and Rickon being alive is supposedly empowering per producers.

Even though there were few missteps, Hardhome reminded us why we love GoT.

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Hardhome was AMAZING. This scene made up for all the season so far, imo.

Well acted, neat special effects, coherent plot twists!!!

I think this was the one of best fight scenes in Got.

Arya as Lanna (wink to the sailor's wife?) was great, the same as Headey's scenes. Loved to see Cersei kissing the floor :p

Winterfell was fine too, that Roose-Ramsay interchange was quite special. We're not getting the Bael plot for sure, but we'll have Ramsay infiltrating Stannis flanks? Interesting.

Is it me or Danny has bags under her eyes? Is it on purpose, a make up trick, or poor Emilia Clarke got a hard time during this scenes? Either way, I thought it very fitting because it shows Danny's weariness as a ruler.

Dinklage acting was great too.

Good there was no sand snakes around.

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Was awesome. I almost wish they could pretend Dorne and Littlefinger don't exist any more. What the hell is the point? Show us the real war. As always, the best scenes and the best action always takes place in the North. Their penchant for killing off people who aren't supposed to be dead even made me legitimately fear Edd and Wun Wun were toast. Not often you can get real suspense when you basically know what's going to happen.

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