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[Poll] How would you rate episode 508?


How would you rate episode 508?  

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In the wasteland that is television? GAME OF THRONES IS THE BEST. 10 all the way.

Hardhome was awesome. I was yelling at the TV several times...."John pick up the damn sword" "Go Wun Wun GO" . For a minute there when you could see the WW coming through the mist in the building I wondered if it was Benjin.

It was all good. BRAVO BRAVA :bowdown: :cool4:

Peter Dinklage you rock.

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1- Battle of Hardhome was remarkable and well worth it. A strong reminder of what is the biggest threat to Westeros and it also shows that if the Wall is breached, all of Westeros could be overrun as the dead rise to join the enemy. killing the Others themselves should be the key to defeating them, starting with the Night's King. Dragons can fly. They will be needed.

2-Do no like Dany and her arrogance and I wish Tyrion would fucking tell her what her father did exactly to the Starks (which started the rebellion).This is my frustration in the books too. Dany has this huge grudge against the Starks and wants to destroy them.

3- Sansa did not look in distress (It breakes my heart to see her cry and suffering :bawl:) but completely pissed off. That is my girl ( :cool4:). Theon spilled the beans rather quickly, which was very surprising. She is gonna have to think about where her brothers could have gone. She needs more help from Theon etc. The scene was quick and I expected more, That Ice pick or screw or whatever she picked up last week is either headed for Ramsay's neck/throat or his genitals.

4- Ramsay is going to try and kill Stannis, I think that he will either succeed and Shireen sacraficed to bring Stannis back or Ramsay will fail but kidnap Shireen to try and use as a hostage. Stannis's tough decision may be to press on, allowing Shireen to die or turn back. We do not know yet what will happen but if Shireen is taken to Winterfell as hostage. I bet Sansa will save her.

5- Cersei is suffering a little bit and I love every second of it. Do not feel sorry for that brother f - ing bitch one bit. This makes me happy.

6- No Littlefinger means that he may be headed North, picking up a Vale host on the way. He may show up in Winterfell either episode but if he does, bet on it being episode 10.

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One of the best episodes HBO has put together! Tyrion and Dany dialogue was EXACTLY how I thought it would be and the Hardome scene was worth all the time and money HBO spent to film it.

I was seriously blown away at how good this episode was. It made up for the weaker episodes this season and made me forget about the poor dialogue in Dorne!

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Loved most of it.


Sam/Gilly/Olly- Missed this scene to do some laundry. Their scenes usually drag down the episodes, so its probably good I missed it.

Dany/Tyrion- Dany is the Queen of Ice. She has no emotions. Emilia Clarke has turned a passionate, sensual and charismatic character into a sheet of ice. She just looks scared/confused/vulnerable/prudish ALL THE TIME. I feel like she is just phoning in the character. So bored during all of her scenes, and the dialogue between the two of them was definitely lacking in wit. Very much looked like someone trying to imitate GRRM writing and failing.


Cersei- I honestly forgot most of her scenes already, but I do remember Qyburn telling her that "The work continues" which gets me super excited for what's to come.

Hardhome- Yerp. That was good. I hate the look of the Night's King and the White Walkers and the stupid fast wights. BUT, that scene really made you care about the White Walker threat. I actually believe showing what could happen to the rest of Westeros through the attack on Hardhome was a great move. I disliked the Val-type character being killed. I thought she was going to develop into something. Ah, well.


Dorne. I love Dorne.

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Hardhome was an 11, but I reserve my 10's for perfect perfection.

The beginning stuff was great, but not amazing; Dany and Tyrion, Alfie continues to be the perfect casting for Theon/Reek. Loved the AFFC shout out. Disappointed in "Lana" of the canals. (It's the little things dammit!) Getting sick of Olly's smug face with "I'm going to stab Jon" written all over it.

Hardhome... I was yelling and couldn't sit still the whole time. Wun wun! Longclaw! The end was so intense with that stare down. I started off bummed about Jason and the Argonauts being back... but I forgot all about it by the time we were halfway through the battle.

Sad about NotVal, she was pretty awesome.

I was waiting for Wun Wun to pick up the slow ass boat and give them a lift :lol: Like when the scene panned out I said "that's as far as they got!? Row ffs!!"

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For the battle sequence alone, a 10. The rest, whatever, I'm taking it out of the count. Though Cersei licking water off the ground was pretty satisfying. Also I'm glad to see Arya again, even if for some really ridiculous reason they changed her name to Lana/Lanna??

I like Sansa verbally bitch-slapping Theon in the beginning of their scene but how it ended was kind of lackluster. I wish more had happened, or we had gotten what happened after Theon left. Was really hoping for a weirwood scene or something more than what we got.

Also liked:

  • Qyburn: "The work continues." dun dun dun frankenstein a comin'
  • Sam: "Jon... he always comes back." Are you trying to spoil the cliffhanger from the last book Sam? really? That's not cool, man.
  • Night's King with his 'come at me bro' pose at the end. Lol what the hell?
  • Tyrion and Dany was about what I'd expect, so I was content.

Didn't like:

  • OLLY. Oh my god end my misery and please stop the overuse of this character.
  • As stated above, end to Theon - Sansa scene wasn't all I hoped for.
  • Ramsey: "I'll need 20 good men." Great so we're going to see some guerilla mission to go mess up Stannis' life? I suppose that would explain the footage of his tents burning. Maybe they just vandalize. Either way I don't have high expectations for this... :dunno:
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I was excited to see how the show runners decided to play out things not in the books.

A tasty morsel for the book readers knowing something is going down at Hardhome - edge of my seat during the Hardhome boring introductions and dialog, thinking "somethings gonna happen".... then....

What an intense episode

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10. Dany and Tyrion was the intellectual joust it needed to be. Sad Jorah is the best Jorah. Cersie actually looking vulnerable was amazing. Lena excels when she is at a disadvantage for someone reason. She really lets on that she can't handle it. Sansa and Theon was a great scene. Arya's scene was fresh and actually showed progression. Best battle scene of the show and probably the best portrayal of the Others in either the books (I know heresy) or show so far.

Last but not least NO FUCKING DORNE.

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Loved. Every. Minute.

I'm so happy Arya & hob&w is coming along well, I didn't like it at first.

Sam & Gilly :)

Tyrion & Daenerys: absolutely amazing. Loved seeing them chat about their fathers.

Poor Jorah :'(

Cersei getting what she deserves!

NotTheon & Sansa finally hearing her brothers aren't dead. Alphie never ceases to amaze me.

The battle at Hardhone! Holy Shit!

Longclaw, the unnamed wildling woman, the Giant. Fucking phenomenal :bowdown:

ETA: The stare down between Jon & The Wight at the end was INTENSE! Jon is looking like ahh shit! Wtf just happened? Look at this dudes army...Wight is like yeah bitch come on back for more.

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What a fantastic episode. Got back to actually tying into the emotional side -- scary scenes, atmospheric scenes, a move away from the rational plotting and into just some fantastic stuff. And the action sequence was great.

You can tell the trolls from the fact that the polls still gets 1s and 2s. What a great episode from start to finish.

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meant to rate 9/10 but clicked 8.. #fail..

Best episode of this series for sure.

As a book-reader it is an interesting feeling to have chills running through you as you watch; not quite being sure what will happen next :)

You can delete that vote & cast another.

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