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[Poll] How would you rate episode 508?


How would you rate episode 508?  

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Yes! This person knows what time it is.

The last twenty minutes...I am still processing it. I was watching it on HBO GO and had to pause it twice just because there was so much going on and I needed time to absorb it. I really thought Jon was gone there for a second, like legitimately then the shattering into a bajillion ice crystals.

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Why do we have to go back to Dorne next episode? WHY GOD WHY :crying: :bawl: :crying:

The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh.

I mean, right now I'm just hoping that they get Dorne out of the way ASAP.

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Still in awe. This could beat RW. This could beat film LOTR, any one of them. Hardhome was one of the best hours of TV I have seen. And possibly movies, too.

And it didn't even have Stannis! Unbelievable! 20000/10. No wonder GRRM went home to get to work. If this was in his mind, and he saw it unfolding onscreen, ...damn he must be proud.

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Wow—an episode that broke from the book without raping someone, torturing someone, shipping stray love stories, or killing a fan fav; and it was fantastic.

First 10 of the season. Sadly, likely the last.

Completely agree with the rapeless episode being loved by the masses

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Definitely the best episode this season. Except for the fact that I didn't quite feel any chemistry between Dinklage and Emilia, which is strange considering that Dinklage seemed to act and react well with everyone else so far. In his scenes with Dany it seemed more like he was just reading his lines. And I'll never get used to Emilia's vacant stare and monotone.

I didn't mind the Arya scenes but they aren't doing much to flesh out Arya this season. Sansa/Theon, Cercei scenes were good as well.

Hardhome looked spectacular. They really spent a ton of money on this set. The action scenes were a bit incoherent in places but Kit Harrington is really good with a sword. The look on his face in the last scene was also good -- a look of fear and foreboding. And the NK fellow seemed to either know who Jon Snow is or sees him as a worthy adversary. Overall great episode.

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A 9. An excellent episode.

There was something off about the Emilia-Dinklage scene. I can't quite put my finger on it. The dialogue seemed unnatural somehow. Tyrion's attitude seemed uncharacteristically uncynical of Dany. Not sceptical enough.

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Wow—an episode that broke from the book without raping someone, torturing someone, shipping stray love stories, or killing a fan fav; and it was fantastic.

First 10 of the season. Sadly, likely the last.

Even without tits this could still pull an 8 from the hard to please, right?

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Did I just see the best battle on TV ever ? Did I just see GOT shocking me without killing a character ? Did I just see winter coming ?

That's why GOT is the best show on TV.

Beside the battle the rest of the episode is really strong too. Even if Daenerys and Tyrion's stuff were a little rushed.

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I gave it a nine, actually I gave it about a 9.2, there are a few minor inconsistencies and some structural issues.

Braavos looked great, my only complaint is we could use more of it this season and less Dorne no matter how smoking hot a certain Sand Snake looks. But nothing bad about what we were given this episode not really anything that matters.

Winterfell, I consider it to be overly contrived and I am not a fan but I found nothing wrong with the scene and Sansa being given a glimmer of hope about her family. The acting continues to be very good. -.5 because it really is to contrived for me.

No Dorne, if there was a bonus category it would be this.

Meereen, Dink was was more on his game than he has been, I found the that they directors choice to focus on his eyes watching Dany to be a smart move. He gave some very subtle and good reactions with his eyes. His reaction to her answer about her father sinks in nicely with him and his own situation. Sort of a, hey your father was crazy and cruel, wait shit sorry my dad was Tywin, probably shouldn't be throwing any rocks. While it is a large departure from the books, I have pretty much known we would not get the battle for Meereen and Brown Ben and all that. Which I am fine with, I felt the scenes with Brown Ben to be totally contrived and based more on Tyrions plot armor than anything else. Stalker Jorah is a bit annoying but I am waiting to see if what he is doing has some logic behind it. I thought the conversation about the wheel was well done, at least much better than in the trailer as it is in context and part of a conversation. -.2 for Tyrion forgetting about Dorne and the Vale. I actually kind of accept the fact that she is going to to keep him around. Tyrion has always been one of the more interesting characters, and one of the smartest, and his intelligence was on display here save for forgetting the Vale and Dorne, though I think he was just making a point. I like that she also picked up on him being damaged goods, more so then he was letting on. The quick removal of the wine glass, and also giving him a reason not to drink.

Hardhome, thought it was better than that the battle in Watcher on the wall by a mile. While it has some structural issues, and does not follow the books at all, that did not make it bad. In fact it was far better than the battle in Watcher on the wall which I thought was a one of the worst the show has done. Forward role, Forward role, Knock Draw loose, stupid plan, Wildlings standing around getting shot and having late reactions to being shot and a set piece that looks like painted foam, which it is. Hardhome while not an epic battle was never suppose to be, it is a massacre. Kudos to them introducing the Spearwife, don't know her name but I enjoyed her and the Thenn. This Thenn was much better than the joke from last season and managed to relay more depth in 2 minutes than that clown from last year. While we never got to really know those Wildlings they did help to put a face and depth to the people of Hardhome. Like Tyrion being with Dany, Jon is not suppose to be at Hardhome which I could not stop thinking about after Tormund said he didn't have to come. But I thought it worked, both Jon and Dany spend a lot time in Dance thinking, well we can't have all this ambient internal monologue going on all the time on the show, so Hardhome is not a bad way to give Jon something to do other than argue about food, and building up the old forts.

This also pretty much confirms Jon and the Watch are going to need Dany and the Dragons. A much smaller force of Wights just easily crushed a much larger force of Wildlings. Confirmed after the episode it was not a large force of Wights, but it is now. Jon is also having his oh fuck this was a total disaster moment on the boat. Wun Wun showing up was a great bonus. -.1 though for being a total departure from the books. I enjoyed it but it is a massive change and I don't think losing a tenth of a point is to large a penalty when taken as a whole. Also for some of the over quick cuts, I did not mind that at times it was hard to tell who was who during the fighting, as I thought they were clearly going for chaotic, and it was chaotic. I will except chaotic in a battle, but some of the cuts were to quick.

Really just some minor stuff, all in all a much better episode than anything I have seen this season, can't believe we are already done with 8 episodes.

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10/10 - "Hardhome" reminds us what Game of Thrones is like when it is good.

King's Landing - Pretty much spot on, although I would have liked to have heard that Qyburn had finished his champion. Maybe we'll get that next episode.

Braavos - Arya finally gets some sunshine.

The Wall - They're laying it on a bit heavy.

Winterfell - Sophie and Alfie kill it again.

Hardhome - Everything from Karsi and Loboda's introductions, which were perfectly executed for how little of screentime they both had, to the effects, to everything - the tone, the music, it was almost entirely perfect. So eerie and well done.

My only caveats for the whole thing so far are the Insurance Salesman looked creepily like Tobias who plays Edmure Tully, Edd and Jon running away from the White Walkers jumping off the cliff looked kind of more like a comedic 'Run!' moment than an epic moment, and... Rattleshirt had a Dornish accent. But he got beaten to death, which made the fact he had a Dornish accent kind of a satisfying meta moment like "we don't need that garbage up here."

Hardhome had this very... Titanic vibe to it as well - minus the mushy love story. Everything from Karsi putting the girls in the boat and saying she'd get in a later one, to Loboda closing the "Wighter"-Tight doors, to the icebergs and cold, to the rushing to the boats... its a good thing imo.

It was like Lord of the Rings meets Titanic.

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Ok, without any hesitation this episode was 10/10. This episode is going to keep me watching GoT. I haven't been enjoying too much of this season but that episode is what I've been waiting for all year long. DAMN. That was good. That was beyond good. The things on my disliked list are small and very nitpicky but everything else was so damn solid.


--The opening conversation between Dany and Tyrion GAVE ME LIFE. OMG. I picked up aGoT 11 years ago for the first time and have been waiting--oh so patiently waiting--for their first real conversation. I don't even care right now that the show got there before GRRM. The snark, the back and forth, Dany trying to be stern and Tyrion being....Tyrion. YES YES YES. This is why so many people are excited to see what GRRM is going to do in the books with Dany and Tyrion. The little man speaks sense; he knows how to advise. He can be the kind of Hand Dany NEEDS. As someone who loves Jorah a rather crazy amount, both book and show version, it hurts to see him banished once more, but Tyrion does have some good points about the kind of ruler Dany needs to be if she does intend to go home again.

--"I'm terrible?" "I've heard stories." *followed by* "To see if you're the right kind of terrible...the kind that prevents your people from being even more so." Yes. THAT'S IT. That is GRRM's stance on heroism in a nutshell. I honestly believe that GRRM wants us to question what being a hero means, especially in high fantasy literature where you have figures like Frodo and Rand A'Toth running around as heroes in the most cliche manner. Does being a hero mean that you always take the "good" path, make the moral choice in every decision, some how stay on this side of good without ever crossing over into the more darker territories? Or does it mean that in order to save and change the world, you have to get your hands dirty? Sometimes you have to make the harder, amoral decision? Sometimes you have to crucify 163 slavers and sometimes you have to burn cities to the ground. "Dragons do not plant trees..." but if the soil is rotten, there is no point in even trying. Is a revolution necessary to effect lasting change that is for the betterment of all? That's Dany's story. And I *love* that Tyrion manages to get to the heart of it in a matter of moments. You can be destruction, but from destruction comes rebirth, life and a chance to start over. Tyrion gets that this is Dany's dichotomy. And if that's how GRRM views heroes, then what does that mean for our popularization and celebration of said heroes.

--"Whoever Ser Jorah was when he started informing on you, he is no longer that man." I think I literally fist pumped and yelled "YES" at the top of my lungs. "He worships you. He is in love with you I think..." and then Dany's flicker to Jorah's face in acknowledgement, remembering just how devoted he really was. I also thought Emilia did a really nice job conveying that Dany is having a hard time sending Jorah away.

--"Let me fight for her, and I belong to you." Kbye. I'm having feelings.

--Getting a sort-of Cat of the Canals chapter. It's my very favorite AFFC chapter and probably my favorite Arya chapter. Maisie is doing really well with her lying game and becoming No One.

--"All lies!" (yes, Cersei. Including that one). I think this was one of Lena's best performances, and I've never really found her in line with Book! Cersei. I like seeing her miserable and down and out and desperate.

--"And leave a feast for the crows..." Book shout outs makes me happy.

--"He always comes back..." Foreshadowing is obvious!

--The Hardhome set was all sorts of pretty to look at in that rustic, living on the edge of the world sort of way. Also really appreciated Jon's meeting with the Wildling leaders. He's a great commander and I'm glad the show is doing him justice. Also, I hate Thenns.

--Wun Wun does not have time for this shit!!!

--That was without a doubt the best battle of the season and is only beaten out by Blackwater, and that's only by a small fraction of an amount. HOLY GOD. That was AWESOME. The one on one between Jon and the White Walker--DAAAAAAAMN. That's...big. That's just huge. Valyrian Steel shattering the White Walker...not sure how that stacks up with canon in the book, but I do think that it makes sense since, post-World Book, we learned that VS is made in part with blood magic. And blood is akin to fire, so of course it shatters ice.

--The Night's King sees you Jon Snow. He sees yoooooooou. I love that the show is really starting to explore the fact that Jon is very important to this story overall, not just to NW. Also, those White Walkers are dressed like members of the NW. As someone who believes that the Night's King = Brandon the Builder = The Last Hero and who became the NK by entering into a marriage pact with an Other woman only to be cast out of the Nightfort by his own men and then traveled to the Lands of Always Winter to become what they did...yeah, this excites me.

--Dead Wight Children are CREEPY

--Westeros. Is. Fucked.


--I loved that Theon confessed about Bran and Rickon (and major kudos to Alfie Allen) but Sansa yelling about how she'd do the same thing to Theon that Ramsey did to him, didn't quite feel in character for me. Well, not in Book! Sansa character at least. I guess for post-rape Show! Sansa it might.

--The wheel speech. Still pretty cheesy but in context comes across far better than I thought it would.

--The wights are a little too walking-fast-style zombie for how I pictured them, but they are also scary.


--I find Olly to be dull. I'd rather "for the Watch" come from hardened men without sad sob stories but I fear that Olly is going to lead the charge. It should come from those men who are resistant to change because "this is how it's always been." It's far more weighty and in line with Jon's themes in the book and Westeros's view on the world.

--It is bothersome that all the Wildlings wear the same costume, as if they are a unified people. Even when Mance was in charge, they were not a total unified front. I recognize this is insanely nitpicky.

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Book readers, eat your heart out, The show has finally surpassed the books. great show!

Sure ... unless you are literate. :read:

Definitely the best episode this season though, I gave it a 7. Unfortunately:

  • The writers "don't give two shits" about "what the fuck are you looking at" (or listen to) -- this 21st c. dialogue is appalling. :bs:

Sam basically told Olly to shank Jon if he feels what he is doing is right... :uhoh:

Hardhome was exciting, but far too much revealed about the Others -- and the skeletal, supercharged zombies are cheesy and far less creepy than the slow, shambling fleshed dead. :fencing:

It really didn't take much for Reek to admit that he didn't kill Bran and Rickon. :dunno:

Edit: Also, no "dead things in the water"... :frown5:

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