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How much time has passed in the show?


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The last few episodes we have had nods towards how much time has passed which they've tended to avoid.

Tyrion said it was years after Dany's wedding to Drogo that he heard about her again in Pentos from Varys.

Myrcella also tells Jaime that "Dorne has been her home for years".

To me that sounds like 4-6 years which make sense how Sansa, Tommen and Myrcella are aged up now. One year a season?

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The baby can be maybe two years if we're being generous so that makes sense

Not based on what we saw on episode 7.

Still an infant, max 1 years old.

Two years old should start walking on his own and talking.

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It is hard to say. After seeing Myrcella I would say she aged anywhere from 2-3 years and that could go right along with Sansa. As for Tommen and he had to have aged like 4 - 6 years or more. Wasn't he only around 7 or 8 when the series started? And as for Gilly's baby, I would say it couldn't be much older than 1-2. Pretty hard to tell with everything seeming to work against itself.

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I think at this point we just have to accept that Baby Sam lives in a special timewarp of his own while the rest of the world moves at normal pace. So about 4-5 years for everyone else, about a year for Baby Sam.

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Gilly's baby not having aged is one of the many silly repercussions incurred when the show-runners decided not to follow through the actual ASOIAF plot for Gilly's baby. The Sam/Gilly/Baby plot is just floating in limbo.

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I'm just messing with you dude. True there are a lot of inconsistencies like the ones you mentioned, but it is what it is. There's no making sense of it so you just have to go with your suspension of disbelief.

Fair enough I can't suspend my disbelief anymore I'm becoming an unabashed book snob and I don't even what to.

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The showrunners have not thought the timeline through at all, re: Gilly's baby. However, I'm interested in breaking this down episode by episode to get a kind of estimate. I'll start with Season 1.

So let's say the show starts in January 300AC as opposed to 298AC in the books. The book timeline takes place fifteen years after Robert's Rebellion's end (283AC) while the show timeline takes place seventeen years later.

1x01 Winter is Coming:

January 300AC:

  • Will, Gared and Waymar Royce venture Beyond The Wall. Gared and Waymar are murdered and Will runs for his life.

February 300AC:

  • Considering that Will was on foot, had to avoid Castle Black and find away to venture around The Wall, I'm going to assume it took Will at least a month to get as far as the outskirts of Winterfell.
  • The Starks find the cute little direwolf pups.
  • Cersei and Jaime discuss Jon Arryn's death. Raven reaches Winterfell about Arryn's death and Robert's plans to come to Winterfell.

March 300AC:

  • Cersei says that they've been riding for "a month" from King's Landing to Winterfell.
  • The direwolves have grown significantly in the time from when they were discovered to the king's arrival. They now look like small dogs compared to the helpless pups they were in the Wolfswood.
  • Robert discuss the Targaryens with Ned. Dany is shown to Drogo. Drogo, not the type to screw around, marries her pretty quickly.
  • Bran discovers twincest.

1x02 The Kingsroad:

March 300AC:

  • The initial Winterfell scenes seem to pick up just a day or two after Bran's 'fall'. This is known by Joffrey's scorn at the "wailing of women", Tyrion finding out the boy will live, and Jaime and Cersei's unease on hearing this. Cersei recites the story about her dead child with Robert to Catelyn. That day; Robert, Ned and co. head for King's Landing while Jon hits the Night's Watch.
  • Dany opens this episode and is still sore from horseriding and Drogo's brutal bedroom manner. Jorah tells Viserys that they're still not far from Pentos and that he can be escorted back there. Viserys' refuses.

April 300AC:

  • We seem to skip ahead about two-to-three weeks. Robert and Ned are in much warmer climes, probably deep in The Riverlands. The episode finishes up with Joffrey being attacked and Lady being executed. Bran wakes up.
  • Jon and Tyrion are heading towards The Wall and reach their destination by the end of the episode.
  • Cat has been sitting sigil beside Bran's bed for about three weeks. The direwolves are now already the sizes of large dogs. After Bran is nearly assassinated, Catelyn chooses to go to King's Landing to warn Ned. Unlike in the books when she decides to travel by ship from White Harbour, she and Rodrik travel via The Kingsroad.
  • Dany's storyline may not be in sync with everyone else's (I hope she wasn't being raped for over a month). Doreah teaches her how to pleasure Drogo.

1x03 Lord Snow:

May 300AC:

  • Ned arrives in the capital. Due to the size of the party, we can assume that travelling from Winterfell to King's Landing was just over a month. Catelyn and Rodrik could arrive in little less than a month due to only two of them travelling. Catelyn warns Ned at Littlefinger's brothel and departs with one last goodbye kiss.
  • Jon has probably been at Castle Black for a few weeks and isn't fitting in well. Tyrion convinces him to lose the entitled attitude. He and Jon form a bond and Tyrion departs from Castle Black.
  • Dany is starting to grow as a character, asserting her power as khaleesi. At this point, she seems happy and comfortable with Drogo and more at ease with Dothraki life. Irri finds out Dany's pregnant and has not bled for two moons, suggesting she got pregnant immediately by Drogo on her wedding night.

1x04 Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things:

June 300AC:

  • As Tyrion is a fan of leisurely travel (informing Yoren that they will be staying in the finest inns and castles), it probably takes a month to reach Winterfell and give Bran his saddle.
  • Jon is now good friends with Grenn and Pyp with a grudging respect from Rast when Sam arrives at Castle Black.
  • Dany and co. have travelled all the way from Pentos, across the Dothraki Sea and to Vaes Dothrak. I'm assuming a journey this vast would take 2 - 3 months.
  • A tourney is held in Ned's name and Ser Hugh is killed by Gregor Clegane. Arya has made some progression in her training with Syrio. Ned still seems to be still learning the ropes when it comes to his job.
  • Probably towards the very end of the month, Catelyn and Tyrion's parties meet at The Crossroads Inn. Cat has Tyrion arrested.

1x05 The Wolf and the Lion:

June 300AC:

  • The day after Hugh's death, Ned and Barristan observe his body. Another tourney takes place where The Mountain chops of a horse's head and Sandor saves Loras' life. Varys drops by Ned's chambers and warns him that Robert is not safe. Ned says he's been in the capital a month and asks why Varys didn't tell him earlier.
  • Catelyn removes Tyrion's hood and he realises they are on the Highroad, headed for The Eyrie.
  • Arya overhears Varys and Illyrio, followed by Varys and Littlefinger sparring in the throne room.
  • Yoren rides to King's Landing, do damned fast he nearly killed his horse to warn Ned that Catelyn has taken Tyrion prisoner. Jaime attacks Ned in the street.

1x06 A Golden Crown:

June 300AC:

  • After passing out in the street, Ned wakes up to be confronted by Robert and Cersei. Arya tells Syrio she's sad about Jory's death so this episode picks up immediately after the last.
  • Bran's saddle is finally ready and he's overjoyed. Osha is captured by Robb and Theon.

July 300AC:

  • Tyrion is likely in the sky cells for close to a week before confessing.
  • Robert, Renly, Barristan and Lancel are well into their hunt within the Kingswood.
  • Bronn does not fight with honour and frees Tyrion.
  • Ros leaves Winter Town for King's Landing.
  • Riverlands peasants approach Ned and tell him that The Mountain has gone rogue. Ned tells Pycelle to write to Tywin and have him appear at court within a fortnight or be branded an enemy of the crown. Later that night, Ned uncovers Jaime and Cersei's incestuous secret.
  • Dany proves herself and Rhaego is claimed to be 'The Stallion That Mounts The World'.
  • Viserys receives his 'golden crown'.

1x07 You Win or You Die:

August 300AC:

  • The episode opens with that memorable scene where Tywin guts a stag. He has assembled a sizable army to face against the Starks which probably took a couple of weeks.
  • Ned decides to confront Cersei about her secret and that her children are inbred bastards.
  • Ros has also arrived in King's Landing from Winterfell, suggesting a month has passed since last episode. She and Armeca engage in that infamous scene while Littlefinger instructs her to "play with her arse".
  • Osha has seemed to settle into Winterfell as a chained servant and is harassed by Theon. Luckily Luwin comes to her aid.
  • Dany doesn't seem to broken up by Viserys' death and has become acclimatised to Vaes Dothrak. After Dany is near assassinated, Drogo promises to win her The Iron Throne and they leave Vaes Dothrak.
  • Robert dies and Ned informs Stannis about Joffrey's true parentage. Littlefinger has the City Watch turn on him and Joffrey is crowned king.
  • Jon and Sam become sworn brothers of the Night's Watch. Ghost finds a detached arm.

1x08 The Pointy End:

August 300AC:

  • The episode opens immediately after the last episode. Ned is arrested and thrown in prison, Sansa is brought before the queen, Syrio may or may not be dead and Arya escapes. The corpses of Othor and Jafer Flowers that Ghost found last episode are presented to the Night's Watch.
  • Later that night, Othor rises from the dead. Jon saves Jeor Mormont's life.
  • About a week or few after these events, Catelyn and Robb learn of Ned's imprisonment and declare war against the Lannisters. Dany and co. travels to Lhazar where Drogo is wounded. Robb convenes the Northern lords to pledge them to fight alongside him. Tyrion meets the Mountain Men and convinces them to join his side.

September 300AC:

  • Cat and Robb meet each other halfway. Cat arrives from The Vale to the very south of The North. Robb has assembled a vast army.
  • Tyrion, Bronn and co. arrive at Tywin's army camp.
  • Sansa pleads for Ned's life.

1x09 Baelor:

September 300AC:

  • After Sansa pleads for Ned's life, Varys informs Ned about this later that day. Ned vigorously drinks the water Varys provides, suggesting he's been imprisoned for some time.
  • Catelyn convinces Walder Frey to let them cross into The Riverlands...at a price.
  • Jon receives Longclaw and learns that the Starks are at war, sending him into doubt.
  • Drogo's wound has festered and Dany uses Mirri to help bring him back. She is knocked over by Qotho and worries about the baby. Based on above measurements, Dany is about six months pregnant.
  • Robb captures Jaime and Tyrion lives to fight another day.
  • Sansa and Arya traumatically witness their father Ned's execution and Ned is forced to give up his honour in a last ditch attempt to save his family.

1x10 Fire and Blood:

September 300AC:

  • This episode immediately opens after Ned's death, Drogo being pushed into a vegetative state and Dany losing her child.
  • We see Catelyn and Robb hear the news of Ned's death and Robb being declared King in The North.
  • Still raw with emotion, Cat confronts Jaime.
  • Arya is taken by Yoren and begins posing as orphan boy Arry.
  • Sansa is forced to looked at her father's recently severed head.
  • King's Landing as a whole reacts to the news of Ned's death.
  • Tywin tells Tyrion to go to King's Landing to serve as Hand in his place.
  • Jon recommits to the Night's Watch and heads out Beyond The Wall.
  • Dany grieves for her child and husband, mercy kills Drogo, has Mirri burned alongside Drogo's funeral pyre and voila - dragons!

So there's a breakdown - I'd say Season 1 takes place over approximately 9 months. I'll break down following seasons in future posts when I get around to it.

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But tommen was 8 now he's 16 baby sam should be starting to walk and talk I'm not overthinking anything.

Although I'm breaking down each season by passages of time mentioned in the episode, I treat every season like a year. This is because the actors all look older every year and I have a hard time believing that something like 2 years have only passed (as it is in the books).

I don't know Callum Wharry's age (the first actor to play Tommen) is but I would say he looks similar in age to Bran, who was 10 in the first season. Assuming Tommen was 10 also in the first season (I know Loras said he was 8 but Loras has not been portrayed as the brightest or most perceptive), he would be about 14 now (following the one year per season model). I know the actor was 16 at the time of filming but he easily passes for 14.

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Although I'm breaking down each season by passages of time mentioned in the episode, I treat every season like a year. This is because the actors all look older every year and I have a hard time believing that something like 2 years have only passed (as it is in the books).

I don't know Callum Wharry's age (the first actor to play Tommen) is but I would say he looks similar in age to Bran, who was 10 in the first season. Assuming Tommen was 10 also in the first season (I know Loras said he was 8 but Loras has not been portrayed as the brightest or most perceptive), he would be about 14 now (following the one year per season model). I know the actor was 16 at the time of filming but he easily passes for 14.

I asked this before and someone said the new tommen actor said he was portraying tommen as around 12 not sure of he said it. The game of thrones wiki just says he's between 12-17

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