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Rob Sandbach

Help Identifying & Valuing MM/SP/1st Books

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Hi all,

I'd appreciate some help from the more learned members of the community.

Due to some family circumstances I am looking to sell my collection of ASOIAF books and wondered if anyone could help me identify one of the books I have and secondly give me an idea as to their value.

Here are some pics of the collection:




I believe I have:

  • MM CoK #158 Still sealed
  • SP GoT #158 (Not pictured - not shipped from Camelot Books yet)
  • SP CoK #158
  • SP SoS #158
  • SP FfC #158
  • SP DoD #158
  • Rights to the future books
  • Some special MM version of clash with no number/letter/autograph page or cover - very strange?
  • 1st Editions of the first 4 books (slightly crumpled top and bottom of dust jacket).

So the help I would really appreciate is:

1) Have I identified everything correctly?

2) What on earth is that brown MM Clash book I have somehow acquired?

3) What sorts of prices are these books going for at the moment?

Any help really appreciated - thank you all for reading and any assistance you can provide,


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The MM ACOK is probably a publisher's copy with no limitation page or dust jacket. I would say it would only be worth half the value of a signed edition. Maybe $300?

The almost full matching S/L set with rights could go for $7000+

The US trade 1st prints - $1000+

My prices are more conservative than some. If you want to sell quickly, price them lower in an auction type listing or if you want a BIN, price higher and add the best offer option. You could also list them here on the forum.

Hope this helps

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Thanks Becca - I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out with some sound estimates.

$8,000 for the lot would be a good result for me, so you are the bearer of good news!


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