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[Poll] How would you rate episode 509?


How would you rate episode 509?  

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Hey let's make Meryn Trant a pedo! Hey, let's have Arya run all around unnoticed, until she's conveniently (very gently) moved out of a whorehouse. Hey, let's have 20 men slip past Stannis, a diligent commander's, guards. Hey, let's show Chekhov's Ollie being mopy faced and unhappy with Jon again. Hey, let's burn a little girl alive.

Frickin' 1.

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Can't believe they bothered to show a different side to Stannis just to create an impact for that scene only. Totally bogus, when they go back and force Stannis to become a complete villain anyhow.

Hard for me to like Stannis as even a book character now, seeing as how GRRM basically allowed this to happen.

Now I wonder if Shireen's sacrifice will happen in the books. The tragedy in the show though, they showed Stannis and Shireen bonding but he was forced to give her up for his cause.

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Shireen has to die so Jon can be resurrected.

You know Mel saw Jon in that fire.

Just sucks to see her go. Was a great actor and character on the show.

Dorne is still boring as hell. They cut LS for that boring shit. Amazes me.

I have it a 7.

Ending with Drogon lacked urgency and just didn't flow. Not bad episode tho for the budget.

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The Pit had the potential to be a big plus for the season, and they fucked it up.

I don't think the Stannis part was that bad, but it makes him just as fucked up as Ramsay and is going to piss off a lot of his fans.

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Hmm...Stannis finally shows his true colors.


Rabid Stannis fans are going to be attacking you from all angles. I'm sure they see this as just another example of Stannis "getting the job done."


Any episode would have trouble following Hardhome. IMO Hardhome was the best episode HBO has put together, and the final scene with Jon and the Night's King was better than anything GRRM has written thus far.


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Breathtaking. The ambush at the arena was terrifying. My palms were sweating all through the Shireen situation (I'd been calling that he would do it, but I appreciated how much time they invested in the relationship rather than simply making her disposable - and they also gave us a few weeks to process it and get comfortable.) I hope Stannis flays some Boltons next week.

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The most disappointing is Dorne. I know we'll probably get the fire and blood speech next week but that episode is going to packed enough. With the extra time available in this episode it should have been here. Arya's arc should have climaxed as well.

Next week has way too much to do.

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Right. It's not like he's a co-producer or anything. :rolleyes:

He's not a co-producer. The show is strictly Benioff and Weiss. Martin was adamant in the commentary for S03E07 that he had no part in the Theon mutilation scene, and hated it.

Because it was his idea? If you watched after the credits, GRRM told the show runners this was the plan for Stannis and his daughter.

Didn't air on HBO Canada.

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Now I wonder if Shireen's sacrifice will happen in the books. The tragedy in the show though, they showed Stannis and Shireen bonding but he was forced to give her up for his cause.

I get it, but it's still inherently evil no matter what the greater good is. Especially since Stannis is not even a true believer to begin with. Lots of ways they could have approached the situation without making Stannis appear to be a psychopath. He allows his daughter to believe she is going to help him just before letting her see that her father is willing to sacrifice her right in front of him. Honestly, if Stannis absolutely HAD to do this, could they not mix a sleeping draught or something first? It's just insane and gross.

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1/10. I would have given it a 0 but that was not available.

1. If you're going to have a loving father sacrifice his daughter, then you need more of a lead up time. It has to be in character, or the character must work himself to a state where he would do something this horrific to save himself, his men, blah blah. None of that happened. Horrible development that could have been brilliant, if done well. It was not done well.

2. Dorne. Ew.

3. Dany and the Dragons. You are a group of assassins. There are hundreds of you. You are surrounding the queen, whom you want to kill. She has two indifferent fighters protecting her. You: Stand around, waiting, staring, doing nothing, waiting, staring, rinse and repeat, until the magic dragon lands. The magic dragon and the pretty queen have a magic moment. They smile into one another's eyes. You do not kill her during this loving moment, cuz she's SOOOOOOO pretty. She rubs the nice dragon-pooh's tummy (no she doesn't, but she might as well have; she had the time, and the dragon looked like he would have gone for it). She gets on the dragon, flies away.

I'm officially siding with the Boltons against Stannis.

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