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Where do we go from Here? With tears...

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That doesn't make sense. Why would Selyse be involved in killing Shireen in the books? Book-Selyse cares for her daughter and wants to see her on the Iron Throne. This is what Selyse says in the books:

And why the hell would she sacrifice Shireen for Stannis who she only has a superficial relationship with in the books? I think you're confusing book-Selyse with show-Selyse.

Also Melisandre, if she does it, won't do it for Stannis. All she sees is snow (or ...Snow).

actually that might not make sense now but the Queen is so far gone in her religion that I believe Mel could convince her to do it.

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Tyrion, Daario, Jorah, and Grey Worm will set about stamping out the insurgency in Mereen the way it's supposed to be stamped out (Kill the Masters). Then they'll turn their sights on defending the city against Yunkai. Tyrion is getting sick of being on the receiving end of sieges. Jorah might try to tame a dragon, taking Quentyn's place plot-wise, and get fried while letting them out. No biggie - he was gonna die anyway.

Daenerys will fly to the Dothraki Sea, stumble upon her former Khalasar, and they'll side with her after her dragon feasts upon their upjumped Khal.

Cersei will confess, do the walk of shame, find out she'll still need to stand trial, name her champion and demand a trial by combat. Varys will pop out of a flower pot and kill Pycelle and reveal a lot of stuff about whom he really supports - Aegon Daenerys - and why.

Balon Greyjoy will continue to be insignificant.

Arya will pose as an underage prostitute, destroy an armorless Meryn Fucking Trant, go kill Slender Man as an afterthought, and be blinded by the Faceless men for her next stage of training. The many-faced god gets a twofer.

Jaime, Bronn, and Myrcella will be on their merry way from Dorne, at some point they'll be set upon by the Sand Snakes, and when all is said and done, Myrcella will be down by one ear, possibly dead, along with some Sand Snakes.

Brienne and Pod, along with some Northerners with a good memory, will infiltrate Winterfell and free Sansa during the chaos described below. They'll head for the Wall. Theon won't make it. Show-Theon is useless and beyond redemption, anyway. The Stockholm Syndrome is too strong in him.

Davos will arrive at the wall, both he and Jon will find out that Stannis sacrificed Shireen. It didn't work. Winterfell crushed Stannis, and Ramsay is coming after Jon next for supporting Stannis and presumably kidnapping his bride. Jon will want to take the Wildlings and Davos to ride south, and the Ides of Olly will take place, for the Watch. The snow and the wind will pick up heavily, just like at Hardhome. Cliffhanger ending.

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... except for Sansa Bolton (God, I hate to say that but it is her name, ughh).

It's still technically Sansa Lannister, or Sansa Lannister Bolton if there's a loophole in Westerosi law for bigamy. Sansa, Tyrion, and Ramsay in one room? - talk about uncomfortable.

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Tyrion will let out the dragons...? *fingers crossed*

hmm...This is interesting. Never really thought about it but Tyrion must be kind of replacing Quentyn. THe dragons need to be let out, it's gonna be between Tyrion and Jorah who does it. Maybe Jorah with his greyscale sacrifices himself and gets Quentyned in the process? Tyrion obviously can't be killed yet so if he lets the dragons out, they might leave him alone.

Maybe there will be a furious mob out to kill the dragons like in the Dance of Dragons and the only way to save them would be to set them free...

Yes, it is possible that Jorah may sacrifice himself.

We might also get the first hint when a dragon refuses to kill Tyrion when all, including Tyrion, expect the animal to do this.

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Some random thoughts, some primitive predictions (before it is too late).

I think we all remember about the Maggy prophecy, shortened as it was. Three golden crowns for Cersei children, then three golden shrouds for them (one by one, of course). What reason to begin a season with Maggy if you don’t intend to kill one of the two remaining golden kids? Probably not Myrcella, not yet. Tommen, at least, already has a crown so he’s to go first… or not?

Maybe it’s just natural to wait for some obvious things to happen (and yes, I’ve read the books twice): if you show a gun on the wall (or on the Wall) in the first episode, it must fire (or explode) in the last one or somewhere in between. The last episode will probably have about 60 min screentime (titles sequences included) and too much events to show or just mention:

Meereen without Dany. Our brave friends Tyrion + Jorah + Daario + Missandei are trying to rule it somehow. And these two dragons in the vault, what with them.

Arya puts on some face (we’ve seen the Hall of Faces), seduces Ser Meryn Trant (we’ve seen a brothel), kills him (we’ve seen a vial), then her mentor punishes her, not unkindly.

Jaime, Myrcella, Trystane, Bronn are riding to KL and..? The most beautiful woman in the world intervenes? With her co-snakes, of course. With evil Ellaria, all in black. Anyway, it will not be a safe travel or else why to include all this subplot? Again, don’t know is there time for it. Yes, I know that the surprise-murders quota has already been achieved, all these “4 characters who are still alive in the books” etc. (though can’t remember who said it or where). Yes, they killed Mance, Ser Barristan, Shireen, Hizdahr. But what about Ser Meryn, what about Bronn, what about Trystan… and Kevan, for that matter? Why GoT has to be all about death toll and not about, I don’t know, character development, recurrent themes, things like this? But I digress.

The KL events: Cersei’s walk will be more than enough. But I’d like to see Littlefinger (though he’s not in these final episodes, I hear). And what about Margaery? Will Olenna save her? Again, all this needs time.

And what about Stannis and his attack? It must be shown, it’s on the preview for ep 10. It feels like something too much but why else this ep 9 misplaced sacrifice? All is thawing, the army is marching, banners flowing.

And what about Sansa? The most obvious way: she escapes, Brienne and Pod help her, that’s all. Again, there must have been some reason to include Brienne and Podrick. And don’t forget this weapon Sansa picked. Too many loose ends to tie (or to cut).

But wait, I almost forgot. What about Jon? Again, the most obvious way (it seems to me that this season often chooses the most obvious ways): Olly does this, Ser Alliser tries to show his ambiguity (there must be some grey characters even in GoT) but the final scene with Jon is more or less from ADWD. Curtain falls, credits roll.

Sam and Gilly and her little non-growing Monster, though. Yes, they have to leave for Oldtown, probably before FTW. But, again, ep 10 has only 60 min. It seems like 1-2 minutes for every main character.

And we have Davos, will he arrive at the Wall? We have to see him too. Maybe talking to Jon.

And Dany alone with Drogon. And then meeting these “strangers”, these Dothraki.

Honestly, I can’t even begin to imagine how they will do (already done) all this, a final episode of a season seldom runs more that 1 hour.

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