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(Book Spoilers) Positive Nitpicking thread...


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Your weekly positive nitpicking thread. Please remember, only your positive thoughts, none of the negative ones, please.

I'll start with my top five, as usual.

1. Dany rides Drogon!

2. Jorah spearing that SotH behind Dany suddenly.

3. Dillane's acting.

4. Selyse finally, finally has a motherly moment when it's far too late.

5. "Too old" XD

What are yours?

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I liked pretty much everything in this episode.

1. They have shown the difference among true love for someone (Davos) and the previous false 'love' scene (Stannis)

2. They have shown Stannis true nature

3. They have given a deserved depth to Selyse's character

4. Drogon, Drogon, Drogon! I didn't like that he was stabbed so many times though

5. Good things at the wall, yay!

6. Tyrion showing off his wittiness

7. Mormont redeeming himself

8. Mercy in motion.. if you know what I am talking about

9. The Sand Snakes, hurray! Will there be another ambush?

10. Daario being proven a guy with his mouth too large

11. Mormont almost being killed by someone using the Water Dance style fight from Braavos

12. The unnamed #PittSlaveFighter15 which jumped in the air with his spear like Achilles from Troy movie

13. Doran and Jamie!?

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Everything Drogon. Him roasting the harpies, tearing up a few of them and then flying off with mama on his back.

Dany going to Drogon's aid, standing firm as he roared at her.

Jorah saving Dany from the Harpy sneaking up on her, throwing the spear in her direction. That was a shock I wasn't anticipating.

The CGI work on Drogon's facial expressions was fantastic.

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- Dany's flight. The Pit was on the verge of getting real cheesy but the climax made up for it.

- Kerry Ingram's acting. Tough scene to watch.

- Jon's hair in that one scene. It was super frizzy and the snow on the top of his head looked like whip cream. He looked like a cupcake or something. Couldn't stop laughing.

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Dany rode Drogon! The entire scene in the pit of Daznak was amazing. I LOL'd when Dany noped out of there on her dragon. I expect her to fly back and sweep out the remaining harpy dudes, though. It was needed after Shireen's death. Gonna miss that little actress.

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The burning scene was awful in a great way. Very well acted all around.

The surprises in Meereen - at first I thought Jorah was killing a knife-wielding Hizdahr, so that double-take was cool; also surprising to see Hizdahr go down. (Plus the echo of a flashback there to the Red Viper's duel last year - I still think the director was trying to trick the audience into believing Oberyn was about to throw a spear through Tywin's chest. And this time it happened! Sort of.)

The businessmen-of-very-different-styles meeting of Mace and Mycroft er Iron Bank guy. Oh, how many times have I been at meetings where some want to go to karaoke afterwards and some think it's a terrible awful no-good idea. (Hey, I live in Asia.)

Drogon not being unstoppable, not yet.

Tyrion's "I crossed half the world for this sh*t?!" look as he listens to the people around him in Meereen - an attitude that I assume is magnified tenfold when Dany takes off.

Tyrion saving Missandei was a cool little moment.

And then Tyrion's face watching Drogon in action.

Dany looking around at the bloodthirsty crowds and basically giving up on the people of Meereen.

Davos and Shireen, as many times before, and alas, never again.

Tormund's arm around one Karsi's daughters (I assume).

The "Aw, she's welcoming him back" moment immediately followed by "Oh f*ck no don't TOUCH greyscale boy!" when Jorah touches Dany - is she going to be on a deadline too?

The line was about the thin man not being hungry, "Well maybe that is why he is thin" (or something like that).

The thematic unity of the episode: Stannis, Arya, Ellaria, Dany all giving up on one part of themselves.

Writing this is nice. It's putting me in a happy place.

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As per usual, I'll stick to positive nitpicking, not positive big things.

Mace Tyrell is so lovable. I hope the dregs of King's Landing are washed away by the time he gets back.

I liked that Hizdahr was not the leader of the Harpies. If he were, what's the take-away supposed to be? Don't have representatives from all factions in your government, killing the ones who oppose you from the get-go is the wisest move? Ooh, how impressively grimdark. Blurgh.

Dany gets all the cool musical themes. It really annoyed me when some people called the excellent rendition of the main theme at the end of "The Children", "Daenerys's theme" (at least they didn't say "Khaleesi's theme"), because that's the main theme, it belongs to everyone lol. I'm not a Dany-hater, I enjoy the themes she actually has, but don't ascribe everything cool to Dany, please.

Anyway, there's the default Mother of Dragons theme, which notably played when she first emerged from the pyre in "Fire and Blood", and when Barristan started attacking the Harpies. (This is actually a later part of the main theme, but it's become associated with Daenerys now. Just like the later portion of the main theme that played when Robb came back safely from the Whispering Wood came to be associated with the Starks.) There's the "Dany and Drogon" theme that played at the end of S5E2, and in this episode. And then there's the "Unsullied" theme with the heavy drums that serves as her battle theme. (There's also the Targaryen house theme, but that one's kind of meh.)

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