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(Book Spoilers) Positive Nitpicking thread...


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The whole Mannis story this ep and especially the conclusion is my favorite element of this entire season so far. It was genuinely heart wrenching - if a man believes he is entitled to a thing, or destiny, will he sacrifice his own children for it? Most of us say no - most of us put our children first, but most of us don't have the willful, teeth grinding determination of the Mannis. It was poweful - most powerful dramatic element since the Sansa bedding and I loved it, redeemed much of the season for me.

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Almost everything in Daznak's Pit.

Loved Jorah throwing the spear to save Dany. Dany taking Jorah's hand gave me so many feels!

Drogon's entrance was pretty awesome.

I knew the flight was going to look a little cheesy, (it was inevitable) but I still really loved the whole scene for the most part. I kind of missed Dany whipping Drogon into submission, but I'm fine with the way they did it.

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Since nitpicking implies pointing out rather minor things, I'll only go with that:

- The lighting in the brothel scene was fantastic. So grim and shadowy, really added to an uneasy atmosphere.

- I liked how even the Lannister men-at-arms were giving Trant some looks like "bro wtf" when he was wanting a young girl. Adds a tiny bit of moral ambiguity and humanity to the scene.

- I hate the Sand Snakes with a passion, but I honestly laughed out loud when Nym called Tyene a slut.

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1. Dany taking Jorah´s hand and (seemingly) forgiving him, the feels :wub:

2. Jorah throwing his spear towards the Harpy soldier behind Dany, great shock and WOW-moment

3. The whole pit fight

4. Daario getting owned

5. Everyhing Dany and Drogon

6. Ellaria Sand´s change in character during her scene with Jaimie

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Sansa still lives

But for me, it was all Kerry Ingrams horrific scene, way more gut wrenching then Sansa's rape ( even maybe Jeyne Poole's ) dying buy fire is horrific, and the Red Witch couldn't give her a mercy by drugging her or something.

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omg I need this thread. That rant and rave without repercussion thread just eats at my soul.

I liked so much about this episode.

- I actually liked everything that happened in Dorne tonight! Doran getting control over Ellaria was gold.

- Davos and Shireen. Everything about these two.

- The chill I felt go up my spine when they revealed the pyre Shireen would be burned on. I haven't felt a chill like that since the Red Wedding.

- Selyse breaking down. She's shown so much coldness towards Shireen; I truly didn't expect Selyse to try to save her child. I even said out loud that Selyse wasn't going to do anything once Shireen started calling out for her mother. I was fully expecting Shireen to lock eyes with Stannis while she was burning, but I'm so glad she didn't because that would have been just so much more awful.

- A man knowing that a girl lied, but not doing anything about it. At least not yet.

- Tyrion saying Tywin would like Hizdahr zo Loraq

- Daario talking about how people bet on him when he fought in the pits, his big talk about always betting on the little guy, and then the little guy in the ring promptly getting his head chopped off.

- Jorah not dying in the pits, and getting a chance to help Dany once more.

- I was hoping we'd see Dany have to tame Drogon like she did in the books, but I still liked the scene.

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- Dany's flight. The Pit was on the verge of getting real cheesy but the climax made up for it.

- Kerry Ingram's acting. Tough scene to watch.

- Jon's hair in that one scene. It was super frizzy and the snow on the top of his head looked like whip cream. He looked like a cupcake or something. Couldn't stop laughing.

re jons hair....thought that looked hilarious too😂
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Well, I still do not get the need the whole Dorne story... But I was happy with Doran, he took control of the situation in a smart way. Maybe that is the only thing coming out of it, he is a player we might see more from.

Jorah throwing the spear was a nice shock moment

The discussion between Tyrion and Hizdahr was fun

Thorne comment to Jon

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Everything on the daznaks pit.

I really didn't know where they were going with Jorah so I really was excited to see what was gonna happen.

+Emilia Clarke holding hands with nathalie emmanuel :blushing: :bowdown: :drool:


DANY RIDES DROGON !!!!!!!!!!!!

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