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Best Lines of 509

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Cheap one-liners are part of the reason the show is such a trainwreck. Cue Arnold Schwarzenegger as a White Walker, "Chill out."

LOL, that might be possible, seeing how Arnold has recently said he wouldn't mind joining GoT, as he very much enjoyed working with Emilia Clarke in Terminator Genisys. The writers won't even have to do a thing! Just give him his lines from Batman & Robin as a script, and he's fine...

"Freeze in hell, Jon Snow"!

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Not really a line, but I loved the whole "small fighters usually win, LOL Hizdahr I'm so much cooler than you. Look Hizdahr, look Daario is so much cooler than you he's so sexy" thing with Dany and Daario. Then swoosh, small guy becomes even smaller by a head. I actually weirdly love show!Daario, but hey, it was pretty funny.

We have to find some silver lining in that absolute train wreck of an episode. That was a whole other dimension of crap.

I was half expecting some sort of "Drogon, I choose you!" moment from Dany when she closed her eyes and Drogon appeared as if by magic like some loyal puppy come to save his mummy. THAT would have been my favourite line.

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"My father would've liked you."

"A leader who punishes those who are devoted to them, will not inspire devotion."

"What are you doing in here? Get out!"

"A Champion of Mereen."

"A Dothraki Screamer!""

"Have you ever been in a fight with someone who was trying to kill you?"

"I was making last minute preparations."

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