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Will Ellaria seduce Jaime?


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My feeling is Jaime's redemption arc will continue once he finds out Cersei confessed to adultery and we revisit the Riverlands next season. Dorne put a pause on that, though they hinted at it a couple of times with Bronn ("Does she want the same thing?") so I'm fairly confident they will continue it. Since they skipped Tyrion telling Jaime that Cersei was a lying whore, he will have to wait until she confesses to learn the truth.

The delay in Jaime's arc seems to signify he doesn't have much more to do in the books since we last saw him, so it could make sense to have his Book 4/5 stuff in S6 and still have it fit in the overall timeline.

Bronn knows of the Lancel affair, since he helped Tyrion scare the boy. He can tell Jaime and I hope he does.

I don't know if delay means that Jaime doesn't have a lot to do or if they are taking turns focusing on him and Cersei's plots due to time constraints. I suspect that next season Jaime and Dorne folks will have more screen time because either Stannis or the Boltons will be out and Cersei may have time to lick her wounds before coming back with a vengeance.

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Rewatched this scene last night and still can't figure out what the purpose was. So she knows about the twincest...big f--ing deal! Almost everyone in King's Landing knows about it, it's an open secret(hells, his sister is going on trial for it).

Seduction? Nah, Jamie barely gave her a passing glance, he was more interested in writing his letter until she brought up the incest. And I didn't get any flirting vibes from Ellaria.

And she admits Myrcella is innocent in all of this yet still wanted to kill her and saying even Jaime could be innocent too? Jaime had absolutely nothing to do with Oberyn's death. The only person responsible for Oberyn's death was Oberyn. Can't she get that through her head? And someone posted that she's past denial and into the acceptance stage of grief: I disagree, she still thinks someone else(besides the Mountain) is responsible for her lover's death.

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