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Valyrian Lance

Whom casted for Season 5 have we not seen yet?

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I posted this on reddit, but it has to do with Varamy:

So, we know that Jon [Kit] says he won't be filming for Season 6. While this may be a ruse to get us all to think that Jon will be left out of the season, only to be resurrected later, this may actually be 100% true.

We have seen a character portrayed through their wolf before, namely Bran. We also know that Carice mentioned another big scene with Jon, which we never actually got.

Next, we had the casting call for Varamyr Sixskins last year, which went unfulfilled within the Season 5 material.

Here's my guess. Jon may actually spend time/consciousness in Ghost, only to watch through his eyes what's going on at the Wall (could very well be a Wall-light season). The scenes with Carice (Mel) that she mentions have already been shot (his resurrection), along with some storytime with Varamyr about Jon being a warg, and his sense that Jon's still "out there" within Ghost.

This would be a great way to get around spoilers, keep Kit relatively hidden, since Wall scenes are usually not filmed where normal people will be found.

I think David and Dan had originally written the season to have a conclusion to Jon's story, but for time or shock-factor, left out any sort of resolution, though they filmed everything they could have used to keep Kit hidden as good as possible for Season 6.

TL;DR Kit filmed scenes for S6 with Carice and Varamyr already, setting up his warging, consciousness within Ghost, and his comeback.

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