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Does she say Valahd or not?

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Hello Ice/Fire CSI Audio Signal Division,

I listened to different youtube clips with a few headphones including Sony Pro Noise Cancellation model with bass booster, quality Aiwa sport model, el cheapo plastic Vextra, which was strangely helpful.

I conclude that Queen Dany girl said something that sounds like, "Vah-lie" - there are definitely 2 syllables she draws out slightly. I never heard her say "Fly" with an "F" always this mysterious word with a soft "V"--and for all we know Emilia Clarke and her speech coaches decided on this pronunciation.

On printed page it looks like "Valahd" -- like a person pronouncing the name of Vlad the Impaler, have heard this as "Vl-odd" or "Vl-add" -- next step would be to rig up speakers or just wait for the dvd set and do the mega 5.1 playback on it.

This issue bothers me for some reason, and I want to know.

Tyrion's Double Axe, thanks, regards,

"From the Night's Watch Library....."

You did see the subtitle 'Valahd' at the bottom of the frame?

I was hoping , or still hope, Peterson hears from GoT production since there are a few on that team who may have actually known the proper Dothraki and put that in.

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To be entirely honest, I think they did use a take where she says "Fly!" but it got reversed with the captioning.



They should have had her actually say "Valahd!" meaning "Towards the horizon!" then "Fly!" would be the captioned translation. Pretty funny though, I used to use it as my first username here.

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