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[Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion


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I gotta say there are some people on this message board who are really good at predicting what happens. Normally I would say that isn't that hard to figure out being the books have been written but as much as everything has changed I think it's quite remarkable.

There was a leak couple days ago which turned out to be correct.

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Can someone explain what is happening? Is Stannis dead? Where is Brienne? Where are Sansa and Theon? Where is Dany and who are the strangers that suround her? How did Varys meet Tyrion?

Stannis defeated by Ramsey. Found wandering by Brienne who kills him in Renly's name.

Sansa and Theon jumped from the Walls of Winterfell into the snow.

Dany is somewhere in Essos and surrounded by a Dothraki horde

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