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[Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion


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Rather a lame finale really. The cliffhangers are the same as at the end of book 4 really - one for Brienne and one for Jon. D+D couldn't get away from a big "Dany with crowd" scene, as in previous series.

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That was really underwhelming.

Hated the Stannis resolution. He deserved better.

Hated the Dorne resolution. It was too contrived and expected. Hoteo beheading someone would have been better.

Meereen, I mean, the 3 Amigos and their sidekicks are going to run the city? Here is Ser Barristan and how is this better?

FTW. Not enough of a setup. Where was Ghost? What about Davos' ire at Mel when he discovers Shireen burned to send her father to death?

We, viewing and reading populace deserved better with the material they had to work with.

"All Hail the Royal Tits" wins by a nip

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