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[Poll] How would you rate episode 510?


How would you rate episode 510?  

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  1. 1. What's your rating from 1-10, with 10 being the highest/best

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gave it a five... I really hope Jon isn't dead and disliked the length of walk of shame. Am wondering about the mountain and if he's become undead. I really disliked the Stannis scene as well and would be disappointed if he dies so soon. Either way I think I am going to hold off on season 6.

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I'm going with a 5. Nonsensical plot holes and the absolute joke of the Winterfell resolution only halfway compensated by the Arya and Nights Watch scenes. I have to say though- my god has the writing of the show descended from season 1, and this is from one of D&D's supporters! I'm absolutely outraged at Stannis' death. The dothraki scene was poorly done in terms of cinematography. And if you're seriously telling me that was the point of the Dorne plot....

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Good episode, it's like some scenes were based on a better source than the rest of the season. :)

But Arya Scoobidoo moment was a bit too much (as the 2 extras in her first scene).

And Mel abandonning Stannis like that !?

Still 8/10 be it only for not botching the Walk of Shame and For the Watch and because I loved the candle being lighted just when Brienne turned away.

(best note I had given this season I think, the season was dark and full of 3 to 5)

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Better than last week's, but Hardhome is still the best, by far, this season.

I liked the walk of shame and Theon finally doing what needed doing. Jon's ides of march felt, much like Robb's death, a bit awkward.

Also liked the Dothraki khalasar. In light of everything that happened up till now, Stannis's end was disappointing, as was the battle on the ice.

I was bit shocked at the total number of deaths this episode had, and then I realized that they're just making room for new characters next season, Euron Greyjoy and such.

Overall, worst season of the series, and with that I bid you adieu. I'm done.

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9/10. Absolutely loved Arya killing Trant, Theon saving Sansa, Brienne killing Stannis (hopefully), Dany and Drogon, and FTW was done well imo. My heart was pounding as soon as Olly came to get Jon. Lena was great during the WoS too.

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8. T'was OK.

Disliked that Brienne left Sansa to kill Stannis, and the whole Myrcella dying thing. Plus, everything pretty much ended in a cliff hanger didn't it? What was up with that? Oh well, I guess keeping in the spirit of Feast and Dance doing the same.

As for the good, Lena needs a fucking Oscar for what she just did. The stabbing was done in a clever manner that didn't necessarily require the Pink Letter, and Melisandre is still at the Wall to save him. Again though, hated that they left it at a cliffhanger. Half the fans now are probably quitting the show. Tyrion and Dany was alright, and Arya was also pretty good. Overall, OK episode.

ETA: This is interesting, although he has to say it, I suppose.

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