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[Poll] How would you rate episode 510?


How would you rate episode 510?  

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This may have been the absolute worst episode of the entire series. Normally I don't think this poorly of episodes, but this was terrible. 1 star.

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I gave it a one, because now its pretty much bordering on fanfiction.

The sum total of deviating from the books is just simply to take the TV characters and having them be/do the exact opposite of who they are and what they do in the books.

It's lazy, and they could have simply just stuck to the books, and gave everyone the joy of truly bringing the characters to life true to their original form.

You can't say there wasn't enough GOOD material to draw from.

I fear this may go the way of "Dune." Another great work, but bad T.V.

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Im mainly refering to the final parts now, nevermind the rest. The ideas are there, but the way they come about in the show are just....simplified.

Also, the siege scenario painted in the books is different and - i don't know about the rest of you - leads me to believe that Stannis wins at WF

Yes it is simplified as is everything else. It has to be. Stannis has not been treated any worse than any other character. People are actually upset that he will not turn out to be their hero IMO and taking it out on D&D when really it was GRRM's story all along for him to be like Agamemnon - with the twist it seems that the sacrifice didn't even really work.

No I heard it loud and clear last night. It was amazingly sloppy. Why is it like poison? And, again, why wouldn't he have killed Arya for breaking THE rule of rules of the Faceless Men? And I gave the episode a 7. I fear if I watch it "a couple of times" I will go even lower.

Your criticism is what is sloppy.

Arya, in the books, kills Daeron. She then goes blind as "punnishment". The characters may have moved around here but not the fundamentas of how it plays out. Just as in the books she makes a kill for her own reasons and she does not die but goes blind.

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1/1: FTW on the show lacked the pathos and tragedy in the books. It was reduced to a group of xenophobic assholes who are so used to fighting wildlings they can't see the forest for the trees, even though we just saw NK raise a huge army of the dead only two episodes ago. And Olly never swore an oath to protect, so what the hell is he even talking about ffs!

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I gave the episode a 7.

I think the cast did very well. I would say they are all excellent actors and that definitely helps this show a lot.

The scenes with Cersei were amazing. Just like how I imagined them in the book. Tough to bear and showed her breaking down at the end perfectly.

Arya was good. A little overdramatic. Like others have said, I am not sure how many times Meryn Trant was stabbed before he finally died but it seemed a little ridiculous. It was a little too gory for my taste.

The battle of winterfell was very lackluster in my opinion. All that build up for nothing it seemed. You would have thought Stannis had never been in a battle before with the way it looked. Brienne popping up out of nowhere in the middle of a battle to find Stannis seemed a little odd to me. Interested to see if he survived though.

Dorne was ehh as usual. Like others, I feel that Dorne this season didn't live up to its expectation. I at least wanted a 'Fire and Blood' speech from Doran Martell. I felt like that speech in the book really tied the entire Dorne series together. It also gave the Sand Snakes more usefulness. The show did nothing with that except have them kill Myrcella and leave Trystane in the clutches of their enemies.

For the watch I felt was the seasons shock value. Most unsullied were probably so shocked and frustrated they did not even realize that this mutiny seem to come out of nowhere. Thorne was just presented as a straight bad guy and ruined his shades of grey aspect. The sign 'Traitor' seemed super cheap to me. Was the letter Jon read the infamous Pink Letter? Will we ever find that out? All in all it did give the season its shock value but I felt it could have been done much better.

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i love the juxtaposition of this board and these reviews.

It is not as bad as all that. One contingent is simply more vocal. As of this writing, 721 people have voted, well more than half (391) have given the show a 7 or higher.

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I'd probably give the episode a 6. It doesn't feel like a complete product. It's bad Tv to use cliffhangers like that in a season finale. Obviously, you don't have to wrap up every plot point but you need to give the watcher closure with the characters. Like previous seasons. It would be like if they ended Season 1 on Eddards execution and season 3 on the Red Wedding.

I don't really know what they hope to achieve by doing this, it's not like people are going to be so desperate to find out what happened to Sansa that it'll guarantee they'll renew their HBO or SKY subscription just in time for next season. More likely people will carry on with their lives, watch another show and completely forget about Game of Thrones till next April.

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3/10. Cersei's walk and Sam's departure were pretty good. And the Dothraki got a nice piece of the budget which is cool. Otherwise...

How they can take powerful story events such as the Battle of Ice and Theon's redemption arc and crush them into a couple minutes-worth of screen-time is beyond me. I hated how the Watch's mutiny didn't have a final trigger to it, too. They chose the most idiotic, inopportune moment imaginable for their revolt. Meanwhile Doran remains completely pointless, and whilst I wasn't seriously expecting it by this point, they went to great lengths to troll us with the Stoneheart stuff. Really they did. There's a beautiful song on Ramin Djawadi's soundtrack called "Atonement" and I'm pretty sure it didn't get used at all. They went out of their way to create a separate track called "Mother's Mercy" and used that instead.

Honestly though, whilst all of these things are problems that will each bother different groups of people, I'm mainly doing that thing where a person becomes angry/upset over one thing, and proceeds to make a big angry list condemning as much as possible. For me that thing was Theon's story. Why the hell could they not just do a godswood rebirth/confession scene. Put him alone "in a room" with his sins and have Alfie Allen work alongside Ramin Djawadi to make us feel like we've never felt before. But no they went with the "weak guy finally snaps and pushes somebody over a cliff" cliché. Felt rushed as fuck. Really hoping GRRM finishes TWOW before S6.

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I already posted this in another thread but I need to post it in a more relevant thread to vent a little and share my thoughts on last night. After last nights episode, I'm pretty sure that millions of fans have given D&D and GRR Martin way too much credit by dreaming up all these potential twists when in fact the 3 of them are all pretty "simple" in the head.

The fans have dreamed up a way more interesting story than what has ended up on the page or the screen. Sad, I thought this was the worst season and worst finale. It just seem to mash up everything that I thought the writers were "too stupid" to do. Now we look forward to what? Brienne riding around and coming out on top again somehow? Sansa crying? The battle between the vale and the boltons-two factions that have slowly killed our protagonists thoughout the series? Why would I want to watch that? Who cares? D&D attempted to sell the Cersei walk by saying that "we can't help but feel sorry for her." Thanks, but speak for yourself. I didn't feel sorry for her during that scene despite the dramatic music and everything else that wanted to make us feel sorry for her. She's responsible for the deaths and rape of our main characters including a small dog! I just don't care about her! The only interesting thing left to see is how she is going to die. Well acted but if D&D thinks that "we're" just going to swallow bad filmmaking and bad story telling without being critical then they are insane! I saw Cersei do that walk and I saw a glimpse into Season 6. A lot of scenes just forced down our throats with characters that the show WANTS us to care about but we really don't from all the poorly developed characters and poor writing!

I mean, has the show jumped the shark? Because I thought I saw the Fonz fly across my screen during the Sansa rape scene and every scene in Dorne and when Brienne, yet again, 1 uped everyone and everything (Robert Strong watch out, Brienne will find a way to beat you!) Now if they attempt to have a touching scene with Littlefinger or with Roose/Ramsay like they did with Stannis this season then it will have truly jumped the shark. I can just see it- Roose takes Ramsay and hugs him and it's sweet and touching and then we all forget that these characters have raped and killed all the protagonists on the show because of the touching violin music. and then I can hear D&D, "Well, Ramsay has done a lot of horrible things, but we can't help but identify with him and the way he attempts to gain the affections of his father."

Yeah, that's where the show is going. Attempting to get the audience to identify with 1 diminesional characters who only previously existed before this point so that we had someone to hate and root against. Cersei's walk was just a preview of all the bad writing to come. How can you BEG your audience to hate these villains on the screen and then BEG that same audience to be interested in them (beyond hating them) and feel something for them and identify with them for an entire Season 6? It would be like if all of a sudden the creators of Batman wanted you to forget that they BEGGED you to love Batman for years and now want you to root for the Joker and they still call the show Batman. Bad writing. A more appropriate title would be Game of Pointless Torture and Rape and Brienne Winning.

By the way, Congrautlations Brienne, you have officially and single handedly defeated who we've been told throughout this story, was the best Duelist in Westeros and the best military commander in Westeros. I think when D&D have no poetic way to kill a character they just say "eh, we'll just have Brienne kill em' again!" At this rate, Brienne takes the Iron Throne at the end of the series and the show ends with a montage recap of the people Brienne has defeated cut together with a Rocky style celebration between her and Pod all set to this song,

. That's it. That's how the whole story ends probably. No R+L=J, no Lady Stoneheart, no Dornish Master Plan. Just Brienne and Steve Winwood.

I think D&D should feel a little like Stannis in that regard because they painting themselves in a corner by sacrificing all the interesting characters for pure shock value. And just like Stannis, walking into a battle with half his men, D&D are walking into Season 6 with their best and most interesting characters/actors already gone.

Final vent, sorry D&D, but you had a scene that was pulled from HBO's Rome in your show last night. All you had to do was copy and it would have been interesting. But YOU STILL MESSED IT UP and somehow Rome's version was still more dramatic! ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS COPY! Brutus actually seems conflicted here. Even if you haven't seen Rome, you can already see the drama between Caesar and Brutus because of the great acting and the great camera direction. They actually took the time to show Brutus reacting to it all and in slow motion. We get his Point of View, but with Olly, he just seemed like a little creepy child thug. Fail. Ironically enough, the scene includes two actors that are/were on Game of Thrones and severely misused and underused by D&D.


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  • Cersei's Walk of Shame was the highlight of the episode, nearly as good as it could've been.
  • Arya was decent, but a little silly in the end.
  • Dany was okay as well, although the Dothraki seemed to pop out outta nowhere.
  • Jon's stabby stabby was underwhelming. "Olly" is his last world? Ghost nowhere to be seen?
  • Tyrion, Jorah, Daario and Missandei make it out of the pits... somehow. Trusting Tyrion so quickly is kinda dumb, but I liked it for the most part.
  • Dorne, cringe worthy as always. Jaime should turn the boat around immediately and confront them.
  • Sansa & Theon worked fine, I guess.
  • Of course Brienne misses the candle, saw it coming and it's so dumb.
  • The Battle of Winterfell was a joke, Stannis acts like a moron, but at least he fights until the end. His interaction with Brienne was good, though.

Overall, not the worst episode, but it's definitely the worst finale.

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