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[Poll] How would you rate episode 510?


How would you rate episode 510?  

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I gave it an 8. Didn't like Dorne all season and it ended badly, IMHO. I dislike cliffhangers but actually, ADwD is really one big cliffhanger after another. I loved (yet hated watching it) Jon's assassination and got a kick out of the Benjen misdirect. Cersei's walk of shame was effective because it made me feel the same way as the book did...I felt sorry for her.

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Not exceptional. Much of the episode was pretty choppy (ex: transition from Stannis' battle to its aftermath; Davos suddenly arguing with Jon) and Dorne had an underwhelming and kinda ridiculous conclusion (wouldn't you just turn the boat around and persecute those women?). The scenes carried very little dramatic weight and it was pretty evident that this should have been a double-season; the subplots had very little room to breathe and predictably, that drawback was most evident during this finale. That said, I still commend D&D for managing to more-or-less wrap up each individual storyline and I liked bits and pieces of this episode, namely Stannis' final moments and Arya's scenes (albeit her blinding was a little confusing).

I'll have to watch the episode again but my general feeling now is that the episode satisfactory but seriously disappointing.

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Worst episode of the entire series.

"Yea lets just leave every characters arc on a cliffhanger because that'll build suspense"

They spent the entire episode killing ppl who aren't even dead in the books. OMG SO SHOCKING NO ONES SAFE yea yea yea.

You do realize that A Dance With Dragons actually had MORE clifffhangers? The series actually resolved the Battle of Winterfell.

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3/10 thanks to Cersei, Arya and Theon.

I felt like they needed someone important dead in every single storyline...Miranda, maybe Stannis, Selyse, Myrcella, Jon, Meryn... and it felt kinda forced couple of times.

The North: I was worried it would come to Brienne meeting Stannis. Although I couldn't understand how she just waltzed into the pool of dead bodies unhurt, curious. Also noted "They've stolen all our horses" and then saw Melisandre arrive at The Wall...riding a horse!! XD

Winterfell: Well done Theon, just not sure where you two can hide before Boltons as there are just two people not ready to kill you (Brienne and Pod).

King's Landing: Nice acting of Lena Headey. Also enjoyed the new Kingsguard moment :)

Mereen: How did you get back to the Pyramid alive in the first place xD Also it was a very new info for me that someone had respect for Grey Worm since all they did was butcher them the whole time, showing how not awesome they are? Also, I really enjoy Varys, don't get me wrong, but kinda hoped he would return to King's Landing....

Dany: Great, loved Dany trying to persuade Drogon to get back when he was just like "Mom, leave me alone, I wanna sleep....". Really thought she tamed him? Well, she has a few minutes to find out in her current situation, like five minutes away from death from rape by dothraki...hoped they would end it differently...oh well

The Wall: em....so....that's it? They save wildlings, barely escape from White Walkers, he didn't do anything else... and ..just...what? I expected more tension and...that was all it took to make him a stabbing target for like everyone? Eh...and interesting how Melisandre showed up just before that....really....and she is prolly gonna need a shrink soon xD (loved that look though) Sam...finally left for Oldtown after confessing to his Lord Commander he broke his vows in Castle Black....xD

Arya: Finally a deserved death, enjoyed her cold look full of hate. And the scene where she got blind....prolly the only storyline I would like to see develop more at this point.

Dorne: Well, did they really have to give her that "sweet" moment with Jaime just before the poison started to work? The rest didn't impress me, least of all Tyene's "teasing".

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I thought this was a terrible episode.

-Winterfell: I know horse battles are insanely difficult to pull off and that it must have taken incredible amounts of time and money just to do what they did, but it still was extremely anti-climactic. Perhaps ditching the horses and having a battle on foot would have allowed something more satisfying. And with Sansa simply escaping like Jeyne did (with no manipulation of the Boltons), even the staunchest defenders of the plot have to admit that going to Winterfell was an unambiguously bad idea on her part.

-Arya: decent but ham-handed, between Trant hitting the girls and the overpowering scary music at the end.

Dorne: epic fail. With the one major consequence of the trip (Myrcella dead) due to Ellaria, then there was absolutely no point to the Sand Snakes. They literally could have been written out of the season with no effects whatsoever. And after the reception they got this season, I expect they won't be returning next year.

-Meereen (without Daenerys): mostly wheel spinning here; the dialogue was fine, but it didn't advance the plot much, if at all.

-Daenerys: I was fine with this until the 'Inside the Episode,' when Benioff/Weiss actually stated to my disbelief that the ring she dropped is a 'breadcrumb' for people who'll be looking for her. Finding a ring that size in a small lawn is difficult enough; the idea that anyone searching through miles and miles of grassland could find that thing breaks my disbelief more than the existence of dragons and White Walkers.

Cersei: credit where it's due; this was done very well. Excellent performances all around.

-Wall: too rushed. One of the keys to this scene in the books is how the people who stabbed Jon had understandable reasons (he was sending hundreds to die in a hopeless gamble at Hardhome and declaring war against the Boltons with a Wildling army backing him). Here, the entire Watch is apparently composed of narrow-minded assholes. I gave D&D credit for making Throne a much more complex character last season and last episode, but now I have to take that praise back, what with him motivated by nothing other than pure bigotry (the fact that D&D referred to him as a 'bad guy' makes my point).

My ideal final score would be 3.5, leaving me to waffle between 3 and 4. This is one of the lowest scores I'd give to any episode in the entire show (no episode from the first four seasons would be anywhere near that low). I'll go into a detailed critique in another thread later about my opinions on the season as a whole, but I'm not all that optimistic about the last two seasons.

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Very disappointed in the Stannis vs Boltons

Over the top with Arya. I mean, how many stab wounds and Trant still lives until she cuts his throat.

No I did not see Jon's eyes turn as some are saying. And I watched closely for it. I'll have to watch again.

They have the ability to have done it better but failed miserably.

Huge waste of time. To think TWOW has been held up for this garbage.

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Not really sure...a five?

Woo Sam headed to Oldstown.

Dorne was ok, although I wished we'd get a Doran Fire and Blood speech. Ended up being right about Myrcella, but it should've been Tyene killing her.

Stannis went out like a bitch.

Mel running back to regroup at Castle Black was hilarious.

Arya's scene was quite brutal, and yet, well acted.

The walk of shame was good, but it might've been a little too long.

Varys popping up with Tyrion was strange. I was half expecting him to introduce Faegon.

The Mountain's eyes and head looked really strange, thought they could've done a better job with that.

Dany/Jon scenes were meh.

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Seriously... people giving this high ratings because it was shocking? Because it kept you on the edge of your seat? Jesus! If someone made a story about a constipated dog who tried to shit the entire movie it would keep you people on your seat

Nearly nothing caught my attention as being good or passable for television that shares a link with GRRM's glorious books.

Let's start with what hits home: Stannis kills his daughter only to lose the battle anyway? They ruined his character just so you could have a "satisfying death" in the finally. Why not have him go out a hero, and make us hate Ramsey even more for killing Shireen? Seriously, Ramsey, the idiot boy who's never won a battle in his life beat Stannis with an army of trillions of "good-men" that they had bundled up in winterfell... nope, so stupid.

That Cersei scene was way too long, as was the Trant scene... seriously we get it, he's an asshole, just kill him. That was like ten minutes of her walking her saggy tits to the Red Keep... I mean, after the first few "whores" and "cunts" I think we all knew how the rest of the walk would go...

Glad Reek came to his senses, although that ended on a cliff-hanger... like almost all of the episode... so stupid.

Guess I'm glad Kevan and Pycelle lived so their deaths can be more of a shocker next season (as if I'm watching it)

Dorne was also dumb. I mean, if Jaime doesn't get the boat captain to turn around and tattle on Ellaria to Doran (assuming he was against the "plan) then there's another stupid plot hole.

Finally, no Wun-wun! Alliser is no true nights watchman, and Olly is a little bitch... seriously, some brothers saw Jon kill a white-walker, and they all saw the wight-army... wouldn't word have spread to those like Thorne? And what do they think will happen to them when the wildlings find out they killed their only chance of killing the white walkers?

D&D prove yet again how terrible their writing is.

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I've been tolerant of this season throughout, but this episode was too much. So many holes and a complete disregard for proper context. A lot of the big scenes have not reached even half of the level they should have.

The biggest insult was the Sansa/Theon jump. Who the fuck are they going to run to now Stannis' army is scattered?

Brienne and Pod versus a victorious northern army who are experienced trackers and have horses? Her only hope is that Littlefinger's teleporter is big enough to bring his army along with him.

Dorne was pathetic.

For the Watch was butchered. There's no other reason to kill him than the same one that would've allowed Thorne to just block the gate to them. Total joke.

Walk of Shame dragged on but was okay I suppose. No mentions of the fates of Margaery or Loras so they have just disappeared in the ether.

Dany's was a waste of time. Manages a costume change whilst on a dragon and now we're going to have a bad boy hunting duo of Jorah and Daario trying to beat her at hide and seek.

Varys is Mereen sucks. Because they killed Barristan and then sent other characters away, they needed someone for Tyrion to banter with. That's lining up for a lot of wasted time in the next series. He should either have been in KL doing the deed on Kevan and Pycelle or still absent to allow for that shock at the start of the next series.

Arya's scene was okay, if a little gratuitous.

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I gave it a 9 bc it kept me at the edge of my seat the whole time with the exception of the walk of shame that felt like it dragged a bit. I bet the Stannis fans are livid now they know he lost the battle for winterfell. I didn't like the dothraki scene it felt like they did everything they could to leave us with the impression Dany will be captured. The main reason i gave it a 9 was for the Arya killing trant scene and everything in that hall of faces scene and the gut feeling the episode left me with that the winds of winter will come out this year.

I thought the Dothraki scene was better than in the books, but I missed the struggling in "Dragonstone" issue, which D&D could've played with for 4 episodes next season. Unfortunately if the 7-only season idea is real, that wasn't a possibility.

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I despise Cersei and yet I became choked up during the WOS - excellent scene. Stannis equally left me emotionally conflicted, some absolutely top notch acting from these two tonight.

FTW was FTW, I've been processing this one for years and was emotionally prepared. A little disappointed that Thorne was the apparent instigator as I'd come to believe he respected Jon, but I suppose that helped show the betrayal.

Overall an excellent end which leaves much to look forward to next season (or when Wow comes out lol)

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I gave it a 9. Everything happend as I expected for the most part. I liked Theon and Sansa escaping, and the walk was great. I was dissapointed that Benjen was only used as a ploy. The previously on stuff made me excited that theyd reveal something about him. Did anyone else notice the blood spatter that briefly looked like a wolf? Im wondering if there was a reason they didnt actually show Stannis dying. I wasnt a fan of how Arya killed Trant. A bit too gory. But I am glad they went with that instead of something sexual.

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I wish it wasn't over!!!!

I loved it.

High points:


Does he always talk so much?

[Jorah, shakes his head yes.]

Loved Arya. Loved Tyrion and Varys. Loved Melisandre, especially when Davos asked about Shireen. Epic fail!

Sansa and Theon. I didn't expect to see them holding hands.

I also never liked Cersei until now.

Ok, and Jon's not dead. Let's just get that straight.

Low points:

Jon's really not dead.

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I gave it a 9, my best score of the season

The good.
Myranda dying, her death was a pointless as her character, like Ramsey needs an extra reason to get pissed. Sansa and Reek taking off on him is enough. Still I'm glad she is dead.
I was actually sad to see Myrcella go. The whole kiss with Ellaria sort of telegraphed things but it was a good scene. Doran is an idiot in the TV show and I can only think that the Snakes plan a coup against him.
Stannis went downhill in the last show, so his defeat came as no great suprise, wish they had clearly showed Brienne killing him. I guess she killed him.
The Cersei scene was OK. Its hard to believe that the mob did not rip her to pieces but it was good. That big nasty Septa woman really gets on my nerves.
As far as Jon goes, where the hell was Ghost? Is he Sams wolf now?
One thing I was confused about, did the sellswords Stannis hired go over to the Boltons?

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