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[Poll] How would you rate episode 510?


How would you rate episode 510?  

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There is interesting Season 5 survey on Reddit some fun stuff :


Q: "If you could personally affect one event of the show, past, or still to come, what would it be?"

A: "R'hollor gives Stannis a balrog in exchange for Shireen"

Q:Following the burning of Shireen, did your thoughts about Stannis change for the better, worsen, or stay the same?

3.9% voted better LOL! Stannis got the pyro vote!

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Why was it even called "Mother's Mercy"?

It`s a reference to the long-overdue Walk of Shame. As for people quitting the show because of characters dying all I can say is that no one of significance has really died. Learn to smell the "surprise Lord of Light resurrections" and the last second reprieves. It was a clumsy way of handling things though. Perhaps HBO just doesn`t know what`s supposed to happen to Stannis and held off so they can either open S6 with having him killed or having Brienne change her mind. Same with Sansa and Theon at Winterfell really, although I`ll be very surprised if either of them are dead. As far as I can see the death toll for S5 is as follows:

Master Aemon

Barristan Selmy

Mance Rayder

Meryn Trant



Hizdahr zo Lorac

These are all minor characters. Compared to Ned Stark`s death it`s like extras dying in the background.

Possible deaths: Stannis and Myrcella

Unlikely deaths: Sansa and Theon.

Extremely unlikely deaths: Jon Snow.

They even managed to bring back the Mountain so I don`t see what the complaining is about. I`ll complain about the lame cliffhangers with the last five "deaths". Better to wait a year to give Martin time to write than this.

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That Cersei scene was way too long, ...That was like ten minutes of her walking her saggy tits to the Red Keep... I mean, after the first few "whores" and "cunts" I think we all knew how the rest of the walk would go...

What a terrible thing to say, FB! Her body double worked very hard to make the scene believable - of course the rest of the walk had to get worse and we had to see it - the point of it (ya, hullo?) was to see her so terribly exposed, trying desperately to cling to some semblance of dignity. It couldn't go quickly - the viewer needed to see her crumble. Geez, your post was snarky. You have issues with a (perceived) mature woman's body? Then stop trying to sew one...

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Looking back over my ratings for this season, the mean score is 8. But rating each storyline/POV as it has developed through the season might yield a very different result (for each, I
have one score for writing/directing and one for acting, assuming there has been any acting):

Bran, Iron Islands, Riverlands: It should be 0; but I'll allow 2 consolation points because Bran is probably difficult to televise and II are fairly marginal. Although Martin has spent too
much time in the Riverlands, that does not excuse leaving out this rather important area altogether.

Dorne was pretty bad. Ellaria was horribly mangled, flatly contradicting her anti-vengeance stance in the previous season. The Sand Snakes could pretty safely have been dispensed
with, as apart from a botched attempt on Myrcella, their principal function appears to have been soft porn. Jaime and Bronn could have been quite good, except that hardly anything was
done with them. Doran was even more underemployed.
Directing/Writing/Interpretation (DWI): 3
Acting: 6

Winterfell/Sansa/Stannis: This is perhaps the plotline with the biggest gap, or rather chasm, between quality of DWI and quality of acting. I'll tackle DWI first.

Firstly, the rationale for going to Winterfell was flawed: Littlefinger tells Sansa to avenge her family, but gives no indication as to how she is to do that; and she apparently doesn't
question it. In theory, despite this hole, bringing Sansa to Winterfell could have been brilliant. Sansa could have taken on some of the role of the wildling women in planning her own
escape, or she could have interacted with Northern malcontents--if there were any. Sadly, it seems as though the North were almost completely inert. I don't know how much this
matters to Unsullied; but to anyone who has read the books and found the corresponding parts of the books to be a among the best things GRRM wrote, it is disappointing. Basically,
the problem is this: Sansa takes on the role of Jeyne Poole; but JP is a tertiary character, whose function is to trigger Theon's redemption, so that the show has squeezed a primary
character into the role of a tertiary character.

With Stannis, the big problem, of course, is the burning of Shireen, which ruins his character. It makes no sense for Stannis to kill his only heir just to get through a snowstorm. Some
have tried to defend this with the argument that Shireen is not a very promising heir; but I think this argument falls with the observation that, however promising or otherwise she may
be, she is the only heir he's got.

Still nowhere near as bad as Dorne, so DWI: 6
Acting: 9. Oddly, some of the best acting was in this plotline.

King's Landing: This segment was decent, but had two problems: firstly, as a number of people have pointed out, the case against Loras isn't very good, since the star witness, as squire,
would have known about the birthmark even if the accusations had been false; secondly, unlike the situation in the books, Cersei doesn't gain anything, apart from revenge, from arming
the Faith Militant. The latter's reign of terror is also a little too blatant.
DWI: 7
Acting was pretty good, LH and JP excellent; so: 8

Daenerys/Tyrion/Jorah: Tyrion's journey was actually an improvement over the books, at least as entertainment. I would have liked more of Volantis; and, although passing through
Valyria was cool, it was a little generic. But bringing Tyrion to Daenerys was a definite plus. I had only three significant problems: Ser Barry's death; the Unsullied's ineffectiveness;
and the fact that the SOH, despite being able to easily take out highly trained soldiers, don't seem able even to locate the person they supposedly most want to get rid of.
DWI: 8
Acting: Also 8. EC's acting gets a fair amount of hate; but I think it's at least partly a matter of personality. Book (you know, speech recognition? Those weird, kind of hard square-ish
things with black blotches on white paper things? I highly recommend them) Daenerys is sometimes playful, sometimes fiery; Show Daenerys is the Nordic Cool version. Someone
called her Deadpan Stormborn.

Arya: This isn't my favourite part of either the books or the show; but I thought it was handled decently enough. If I wanted to nitpick, I'd say that Braavos is rather grey, and that,
although it makes sense in principle for the Kindly Man to be JH, a man finds that a man saying "a man" gets old after a while. The ending confused me, but maybe it was meant to.
DWI: 8
Acting: 8

Jon/Wall: This segment had a lot of plusses: Aemon, JS getting killed, Hardhome (although this last was a little long). And it did have one of the principal themes of the books: the
conflict in the NW as to whether to ally with the wildlings. It's missing a couple of other important themes, however. One is Jon's temptation to be arrogant, which he wrestles with
from the beginning of the story and which manifests itself during his term as Lord Commander in, for example, his sending friends whose support he could use away. The other is the
lure of outside events, especially those involving the Starks.

I never really warmed to Olly; and after the relatively sympathetic portrayal of Thorne, I was a little disappointed that he was involved in the assassination (or assassination attempt?
Stay tuned). Sam in Oldtown should be interesting.
DWI: 8
Acting: 8

So DWI averages at around 6, and acting at around 8.

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To be honest, I only liked Arya Stark's scene(I like how Meryn Trant got what he deserved and how the FM were punishing her) and the Et tu scene on Jon(Sad, but it happened anyway and it was nice)

What irks me is the stupid "Battle of the Ice," How did they even mess that up is beyond me. Just a massacre basically. I liked the Walk of Shame. It was nice. So I would give it 7/10

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worst episode ever. absolutely HATE what they did to Stannis and his story line. the Dorne thread was a complete joke. the sansa material was boring. the further we get in the series the father they depart from the source material, and the worse the show becomes. i read book one in the 90's when i was twelve, and have been a huge fan of the novels ever since. its been all down hill after season one, which was the best season of them all so far….

and brienne of tarth quoting renly as "the one true king" before before doing in Stannis, what complete bs. renly the one true king, yea right….F*** renly, and brienne too.

King Stannis Forever!!!!!!

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and no crow's eye, no kings moot, its like they just wanted us to forget Balon Greyjoy ever crowned himself. they never even took the time to kill him off! whatever happened to that war of five kings they mentioned in previous seasons? oh yea, i guess they just didn't expect us to count...

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I'm probably just going to rate this a 2, but I feel that this rating should probably just be for the whole season (except episode 8)

Sansas stuff is truly the first to make me feel depressed watching the show, so pointless, and not needed, while Ramsay has yet to die.

Daenerys  is still not listening to people, while still not knowing how to even rule a single city properly, and showing that the unsullied are terrible soldiers.

Dorne was way overhyped pre season, and a waste of time. nuff said.

Stannis was an awesome character in the books who was hated by the directors, and you all know it...... they saw a way to make everyone hate him, and they took it.

This season made me hate Brienne. There's a problem.

This season made Arya fairly boring.

The only reason the entire season has a 2, and not a 0 is because of Jon Snow, and the Nights Watch, but 1 episode, and a few singled out moments don;t save it

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