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[Book Spoilers] Implications of the cutting of Aegon storyline


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I think the immediate question is that how D&D fill the void when they cut Young Griff and the characters/plots* attached to him.

Although D&D seem to have covered two books in a single season, some stories still did not came to the end we know from the books. Kevan and Pycelle are still alive. And it looks like Arya's story is going backwards. So, D&D will stretch certain storylines to fill Season 6.

From the casting news, it is clear that we will have other fillers (ironborn, BwB) until St. Tyrion / Varys establish stability in Meereen and Dany unites the khalassars and they become ready to return to Westeros. This will likely take us until the end of Season 6 and when Dany comes, she will oppose the Faith/Cersei all of which we are led to despise by D&D. That way, Dany will keep being St. Dany.

*for example, cutting of Arianne/Quentyn is only a consequence of cutting Young Griff as it is very likely that Arianne will marry him and they will oppose Dany in the books.

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I agree that Arianne will likely marry (f)Aegon in the books, creating a faction that will be opposed to both Dany and Tommen. That will put Dorne, parts of the Stormlands, and possibly parts of the Reach (friends in the Reach) on (f)Aegon's side.

Without (f)Aegon and Arianne, D&D have to create a subplot that brings Dorne, at least, in against Tommen. With the Lannister-Tyrell alliance tearing itself apart, Randyll Tarly's position becomes interesting. Many think book!Randyll will side with (f)Aegon. I'm not sure on that. With no sign of the other Reach lords showing up in the show, he will probably play a leading role for D&D.

I'm not sure how much effort and screen time D&D will invest in the politics, though.

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