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Perhaps I should introduce myself.



I'm your huckleberry.



Whomever has implied they're in charge here*: I have them wrapped up in perpetuity.


Welcome to the desert of the real.


*Xray? Coco? They've never, ever won an argument against me and they're not about to start now. If you don't know, now you know. I run shit here. They just mod here.

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I'm not here for funny business. I'm just someone who understood a good thing to do and it was read books, write books and magazines, and use my talent for music just for myself because it meant that I'm not really selfish. It meant I was going to be unique in that I could use the internet to find a husband and I would love to date each and every one of you without it being creepy because I fell in love with two men at once one time, real love, and thought I was seducing them and never understood what I said. Then guess what happened now I'm in love with my former psychiatrists, a nextdoor neighbor whose kid screams at me, "Mom!", an older, married nextdoor neighbor, Matthew Bellamy, Elon Musk, and a weatherman on a local channel. 

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Howdy y'all,

I am only sorta new here. I've been active on this board until 2014 when I thought it time for a little break. I love the books as much as I strongly dislike the show. Now that this pain in the arse is finally done with I hope we can focus on the books again. I've been informed about all the show stuff...Danny going postal, Starbucks opening up their first Westerosi establishment, R+L=J with no point at all.... I bet some of y'all will need some time to let it all go... 

Anyways.... Looking forward to meeting just the nice people here. 


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