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Hey there. Suppose I'll ramble about myself. The name's Jack (or Kettle or Fingerbones.) I'm 17 and only (relatively) recently discovered ASOIAF through the show in April of this year, became completely obsessed with it, and read through the books in about two months over the summer. I am now suffering from severe post-ASOIAF depression and spend my days reading theories on the internet, re-reading chapters (Feast and Dance mixed ATM), waiting for news of tWoW, and ASOIAF roleplaying (my new site is http://windsofwinter-rp.hmm.com/, for anyone interested. I'd love to get some dedicated aSoIaF fans from on here involved. It's set after the end of the fifth book.)

Like most of you I have now grown to resent the show, though it introduced me to this wonderful world. The change that probably annoyed me most was Tyrion's final scene (He loved TYSHA! Not bloody Shae!) and the change will probably end up annoying me most may be the exclusion of the Kingsmoot plot. I love the three Greyjoy brothers. I was a bit confused at first, but after a re-read of their chapters, I grew to love each of them. (Though Euron is one evil dude.) Asha's plot rather irritated me in Season 4 (anti-climatic and hardly realistic), but hopefully they work out something in season 5 that keeps that interesting arc in some shape or form.

My favourite characters are probably Davos (thus my username), Theon, Victarion, Jaime, Littlefinger, Wyman, Tyrion, Jon, Barristan, Stannis .. I love them all really. Though I am a bit of a Dany-hater. Particularly during Dance I grew annoyed at the tedium of her story, and her skewed righteousness. An ending that has her coming up on top would annoy me to no end.

I've lurked around this forum for a while now, but only joined a few days ago in the hope of riding the hype-train started by the recent 12 days of Westeros campaign and the theories of the release of tWoW, only to have it de-railed. Saddened that tWoW is still a far-off hope, but hardened to what being an aSoIaF fan is all about-being disappointed about the books not being released when you want them to be. I'm hoping for a summer of 2015 but that seems more unlikely each time I think about it (which is a lot.) The realistic side of me says 2016 or beyond, but who knows. I'd love a progress update and GRRM had the perfect opportunity to do so in his recently hype train de-railing, but I suppose we'll just have to wait until it's done.

Well, that did turn in to a ramble.. Anyway, I hope we all have many fun times speculating, reminiscing, and hyping together until this bloody series is finished and I can continue on with my life. (Will I even be able to then?)

Nice intro.

I've seen you around a bit on the games forum. I hope you're having fun! :cheers:

Hey guys (: I'm Zoe, 17 and 18 in 8 days, and have picked a Game of Thrones up as a Christmas present today. I've read the Prologue, and that's it, but I'm hooked. I hope people on here don't get exasperated by us newbies, 'cause I'll really be posting as I read and might not understand everything. So yeah, I hope to get to know everyone and really get into the story!

See ya around :grouphug:

Welcome Zoe. :)

There's a forum for those who are in the process of reading and there it is safe to read and discuss without getting spoiled - at least if you've reached a certain point in the books.

Even here, you might want to wait till you have finished AGOT before reading the threads: http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/forum/50-a-game-of-thrones/

Hi everyone. I've found out about Asoiaf through the tv show last year and have since read all the books. My favorite character is Arya and I really like the Tyrells. I'm from South America so I hope my english is not too bad and I can have a good time in these forums.

By the way Merry Christmas to everybody!

Hey, welcome!! :cheers:

Rrachel is from Chile and she just joined recently. Post #3187, http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/topic/37123-introductions/page-160

Merry Christmass all. Lurked the forum for a while and I decided to join. Hope I'll have fun here :)

Welcome Drekinn! :cheers:

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas!

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Thank you everyone for your kind welcome messages! Until I've gotten about 2/3 of the way through aGoT I might just stick around the Miscellaneous section, then there's no chances of anything being spoiled for me. But I will eventually appear on the plot-related stuff!

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Hey. My name is Philip (From University of Southern Denmark) and I'm currently writing an exam about fan culture in online forums as I try to investigate the why you choose to be online here at westeros.

I have been watching for quite a while and then I decided to sign up to gather more information.

I hope you all will guide me through this :)

I would like if anyone could introduce me to this forum as I plan to use it for my exam.

Best regards.

This is written with the permission of the owners of this website.

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Of course we will introduce you!!! That's the point of this thread, you have come to the right place sir! :smug:

I'm Cora, it most certainly is a pleasure to meet a fellow fan. Now do you only watch the show? Or are you a fan of the book series as well?

If you have any questions about how the forum works we have an area just for helping you learn your way about....


besides that, there are tons of people here to assist you :)

Please have fun and enjoy yourself, & don't be a stranger :D

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Thanks a lot!

I have not read the books yet, but I guess I should? :D

How about spoiler alert?

I will do my best to avoid being a stranger ;)

Velkommen Håkon!

There are entire sections for the books and for the show. The books are just fabulous and some 25 times as complex as the show, many more secret plots going around, featuring > 1000 named characters and among them some 35 viewpoint characters. They are among the very best of literature, and very enjoyable to read.

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I would prefer to avoid spoilers, but it sounds great with the divided in seperate sections :D

I will probably start reading the books when I have finished my exams this semester.

I don't know about favourite character or house tbh. I am considering watching the series one more time as I was not aware of all of the details after season 2.

Is there a part of the forum I should visit first?

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Hey. My name is Philip and I'm looking for some fun after watching the first four seasons of the series. I am new to forums like this one, but I hope you all will guide my through this :)

I would like if anyone could introduce me to this forum as I plan to be here for quite a while. Best regards :D

Welcome to the boards! :cheers:

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