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Hi, I'm Emma

Read lots of fantasy in my teens, then sort of 'grew out of it'. Watched GOT and now I'm reading the series avidly - best thing I've read in years, I'm enjoying it SO much. Just finished book 3 (am I the only one who can never remember the names? I'm sure there was an 'and' in it...) so I'm steering clear of forums beyond that. Now I have to wait for OH to finish 4 so I can read it. Agony!

Anyway, I'm lurking about here reading this and that, may even post one day...

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Hello All!

I'm Mike from Wisconsin. I got into the series after watching the first few episodes of the TV show. I finished the 5th book a few weeks ago and I'm hoping these forums help me deal with waiting for the next one.

WISCONSIN! I'm from WI as well. Welcome!

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Hi I thought I'd officially introduce myself as I expect I'll be hanging round here a bit seeing I just found this place. I'm from Sydney, have just discovered the books, am almost up to ADWD and am highly excited to immerse myself more in the world of ASOIAF. I love it there!

I'm a tragic Hound fan though so am now just emerging from Hound related threads and look forward to some happy reading exploring the rest of the site. :)

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Hi, First post. I started reading GOT right after I saw the series, (my DW had read the book so I got some help understanding who was who) fell in love with the story and started reading it, I finished a Dance with Dragons last week. I felt I was pretty lucky to be able to read books one through five straight without having to wait like some of you folks who started the series when GOT first came out. But alas I'm now with the rest of you waiting for The Winds of Winter.

I found this site when I started reading but stayed away till I was finished reading so I wouldn't run into any spoilers. Now that I'm done I'm looking forward to discussing it with some other fans.

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Started reading ASOIAF around 2002, after ASoS came out. Had a friend in high school who started reading AGoT when it was first released (he was a huge fantasy-fan, whereas I remained aloof throughout high school), and he kept trying to get me to read it for years. Of course, I kept putting it off... for about 5 or 6 years... until I finally cracked and read all 3 in about 3 weeks. Best books I've ever read without question. Couldn't put them down.

Before I discovered GRRM my favorite genre was historical fiction, and favorite author was Gary Jennings (i.e. Aztec, Aztec Autumn, The Journeyer, The Raptor, etc..). So I came to the series with more of an historical-perspective than a fantasy-perspective, which was actually quite helpful, being that GRRM draws on so much from history himself. I'm a bit of an amateur historian to tell you the truth; love to read about the European Medieval period, the Roman era, the World Wars, etc... and I write quite extensively as well, so this series really speaks to me.

In all honesty, I had tried reading The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan but couldn't get into it, and I have read all of the Tolkien books (including The Silmarillion), but they never captured my imagination quite like ASOIAF has. What I like about the series is its realism. There are undertones of pure good vs. pure evil (i.e. the Others), but for the most part, characters in this world aren't so black and white. Good guys can be bad, and bad guys can be good... much like actual human history. And, because it's written that way, no one knows what's going to happen. Everyone knows the Dark Lord Sauron isn't going to take over Middle Earth, and everyone knows Voldemort isn't going to kill Harry Potter, but in ASOIAF, you can't be certain about anything. The Others COULD very well win out, and I like that uncertainty. In the majority of fantasy books I've read (which admittedly, hasn't been very many), it's pretty obvious who's going to win and who's going to lose after reading the first few pages, which I don't like.

Similarly, I've never been much for superhero movies, or comic books. In real life, if one man is surrounded by enemies, he'll be killed, whereas in comic books, one man has the ability to destroy an entire army. Some people like those sorts of stories for the escape, and I'm not trying to knock them, but I like my fiction to based in reality, at least to some degree. While GRRM has a few characters with supernatural abilities, or superhuman strength, they tend to be no less vulnerable than anyone else.

I'd say the combination of the TV show and ADwD were what got me to finally start posting on this board. I've perused the site many times before, and am pretty up-to-date on all of the various theories that are floating around out there, so I come to this board as a seasoned player rather than a noob.

Other than that, I'm 29 years old, born and raised in Los Angeles, live on the beach (Redondo), and have an Olde English Bulldogge named Basil (as in 'Basil the Bulgar Slayer', rather than the herb). I'm a musician (play guitar, bass, drums, piano, saxophone, etc..), writer and stock broker, and have toured the country numerous times with my band (we're classic rock inspired, i.e. Beatles, Stones, Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, etc..). We've appeared on TV and radio as well. Just finished a new album which I'll be getting mastered soon, and I'm currently working on a new book to boot, inspired by, you guessed it, AGoT. Have traveled extensively throughout Europe as well.

So that's pretty much it. Vitals: I'm of German and English ancestry, and have blond hair and green eyes. I'm 6'2, 190 Ibs. and used to play baseball and football. Here's a few "favorites":

Teams: Dodgers, Raiders, Lakers, Kings

Color: Green

Movie: The Big Lebowski

Band: The Beatles

Food: Murkin

ASOIAF Favorites

Book: ASoS

POV Character: Tyrion

Non-POV: Tywin

House: Bolton

Sigil: Flayed Man

Words: We Do Not Sow

Culture: Reaving, i.e. "The Old Way"

Region: The North

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Hi Everyone,

My name is Hellebore (from the genus Helleborus = winter rose), or you can call me Lana. I am from the East Coast of Canada and am an avid reader of anything but I love fiction and fantasy.. I am almost ashamed to say that I had not heard of GRRM prior to HBO's aGoT but I was instantly hooked! After the season finale I flew threw the series just in time for ADWD to be released.. (so I got to skip the 5+ year wait between books, which would have driven me mad) only to finish ADWD and now find myself needing to get a fix of something/anything ASOIAF related to keep me from going into withdraw before TWOW is released..

Thank the Old Gods I found this site! :bowdown:

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Welcomes to WinnerChxDinner, Rhaegar13, Jesstadreamer, I'dsingforyou, FrontRow, BrosBeforeSnows and Hellebore! :)

Points to BBS for what may be the longest welcome post here :P

Hope everyone enjoys the place. :)

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Hello, everybody.

I'm Chris, from London, UK. At the start of this year I'd never heard of this series or GRRM, but after watching the first series of Game of Thrones decided to read every book. I don't get much reading time these days, but even so I'm now halfway through ADwD and trying to make it last.

What else? Favourite characters? Tyrion, Arya, Jaime, Brienne, Davos. I don't get the Sandor Clegane thing.

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Hi, I'm C.J., and I'm a Georgaholic.

I have been faithfully reading this painfully, punctuated, amazing epic for years. I chose "Hodorific" b/c after lurking on this site, I reallzed just how much I have missed on my first time through. I are dum.

I am very excited to get over to half-price books, and replace the early novels lost in so many moves, so that I can participate in the re-read. These works are simply amazing. So, like I admitted, I are dum. Please be kind and patient.


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