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Hi everyone, I'm John from Belgium. Please don't throw stuff at me when I admit I actually haven't read a single word from the books yet, although I have watched the tv series probably 4 or 5 times now and absolutely LOVE it.

Let's see...

-I'm a native French speaker (that is how I try to apologize for my poor English)

-I love books in general but especially those written by Cormac McCarthy, Don DeLillo, Faulkner and a few others...

-I'm 32 and used to be a Fine-Arts student.

-I.write stuff, too.

-Oh and my username has some Gaelic words but it's only thanks to Google Translate.

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Not sure I should be posting here, as I used to post on the literature board - largely to mock Ayn Rand and try to persuade people that Mythago Wood is quite good - under a different name, but that was a long while ago so perhaps a new start is called for.

Anyhow, interesting stuff about me. Um... I suppose the main thing is that I write books and have a few SF comedy novels in print, and am currently attempting to write fantasy. At the moment I'm enjoying reading some of the newer fantasy - Lynch, Abercrombie, Gaiman and Martin - but I'm also fond of the Gormenghast books and especially Steinbeck's Acts of King Arthur.

Nice to be here - or back here - as appropriate. And Ayn Rand is still stupid. So, er, hello!

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Hi all, I'm Alie! I haven't been on a forum in ages, so this is pretty exciting. I'm 26, from Texas, and fairly obsessed with the series. I read the first book about 4 years ago now and was immediately hooked! Very excited for the third season of GOT, as ASOS is my favorite of the novels so far.

I look forward to "meeting" you all!

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Allow me to introduce myself. I'm a Danish girl of 23 years, and currently studying computer science. I started reading ASOIAF about half a year ago, and am currently just starting ADWD. I read the books in English because it's more 'authentic' in the original language. Well, also because they only just released ASOS in danish.

Anyway, I am looking forward to posting my opinions all around this forum. Muha

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I've already posted a few times, but I figured I might as well introduce myself now. Better late than never.

I'm a musician (as in, I have a music degree) from Michigan. Beige Lunatics is the name of my "band," if you want to call it that (I play all of the instruments and sing all of the vocals). Currently, I'm dabbling in filk rock, and soon I'll be releasing my debut album, "An Album of Songs", inspired by ASoIaF. Seven tracks are planned, but with such a robust series to draw from I expect to record at least one or two sequel albums. On the non-ASoIaF front, I've released a single called "New Penzance", inspired by Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom.

Future projects include an eponymous album with a mix of filk and non-filk tracks, and a sci-fi-inspired album called Live at Milliway's.

I may have some "Stannis moments" on this forum, but I thoroughly enjoy spirited discussion/debate and I never intend to be impolite to anyone.

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