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I've already posted a few times, but I figured I might as well introduce myself now. Better late than never.

I'm a musician (as in, I have a music degree) from Michigan. Beige Lunatics is the name of my "band," if you want to call it that (I play all of the instruments and sing all of the vocals). Currently, I'm dabbling in filk rock, and soon I'll be releasing my debut album, "An Album of Songs", inspired by ASoIaF. Seven tracks are planned, but with such a robust series to draw from I expect to record at least one or two sequel albums. On the non-ASoIaF front, I've released a single called "New Penzance", inspired by Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom.

Future projects include an eponymous album with a mix of filk and non-filk tracks, and a sci-fi-inspired album called Live at Milliway's.

I may have some "Stannis moments" on this forum, but I thoroughly enjoy spirited discussion/debate and I never intend to be impolite to anyone.

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Well, I actually do it as a hobby.

I'm not a professional - but I guess what matters is the fun of making music and people happy (including oneself).

Exactly. I fully support hobbyist musicians. Much of what I do would be considered "hobby" music; I just also happen to make some money off of it too.

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Hey guys, thought I'd join in as well.

My name is Dorien, 19 years old. Currently a student AI, I live in Groningen, Netherlands.

My hobbies include playing guitar (and collecting them when I have the money, only got to 4 now :) ), movies/TV, drawing (I draw dogs mostly, as realistically as possible), going to pubs with friends, and discussing with other people, which, together with the fact that I really like ASoIaF, is one of the main reasons I joined this forum.

I am also really fond of dogs, I used to help with training service dogs, for autistic kids mostly, that was really special.

My parents have to dogs, a smooth collie and a Vizsla, and I have a real special bond with the Vizsla, luckily I can still see them each weekend.

Hoping to have a nice time here, should be no problem.


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Hey! Very excited to be here. Hoping to n00b tube my way into the realm behind the realm, without stepping on too many boots. :cheers:

For all intents and purposes, my name is what it says my name is. For all other inquires, my name is Mike (son of Charlie). Third of my (middle) name.

My favorite POV character is Jon; the big "pay-off" moment for me (should GRRM not deny me it) will be when Jon and Arya are reunited. :read: :crying:

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