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Who funds the research projects of the maesters?


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So, did the Citadel keep funding Marwyn's research in Asshai for years?

Or did the Citadel fund Maester Wyllis' expedition to Hardhome?

The Citadel could have likely provided Marwyn with some gold when he set sail, and Marwyn could also have used his knowledge of medicine as a way to earn some coin and pay his way.

While in Hardhome, Wyllis's patron, on of the three chiefs, supported him

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I doubt lords get maesters for free. I guess it's safe to assume they fund the Citadel to an extent, though we don't know why: if they pay yearly, or each time a new maester is sent etc.

Also the Hightowers are pretty rich. Maybe there's a tax that goes directly to the Citadel etc.

The Iron islands have Maesters. Would it not be shameful for them to pay the gold price for there service?

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