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F*ck, Marry, Kill Vol. IX

King Tyrion I

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Marry the shavepate

Fuck strong belwas

Kill melisandre in a horrible way


Aureane waters

Victarion Greyjoy

Sallador saahn

(Ignore the spelling, I can't remember how their names are written)

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Marry Viserys II

Fuck prince Daemon

Put Aegon III out of his misery, I've got nothing against him but he seemed pretty useless

Early Targaryen queens who seemed to be more co-rulers than mere consorts

Visenya the Conqueror

Rhaenys the Conqueror

Good Queen Alysanne

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Well, I will Marry Khal Drogo's 40.000 men and their horses too because it's a dothraki wedding big enough that they'll all kill one another by the end.

I will fuck Ramsay's 20 good men because that's that's still better than wights and horses.

And I will burn the shit out of the army of the dead and enjoy it.

Keeping to this group theme:

Walder Frey's daughters and granddaughters

Craster's daughters

LF's establishment girls and boys all

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Fuck Waymar Royce, and fulfill a fantasy of breaking his vows.

Marry Ned, and he'll always be true.

Kill Renly, more interested in his rainbow guards anyway.

Their killers :

The Others,

Ilyn Payne,

Stannis' Shadow baby.

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Fuck a zorse is my ultimate fantasy.

Marry a mammoth, I already live with one anyway.

Kill a lizard lion. And then make a pair of shoes out of it.


Harry the heir

Arianne Martell

Willas Tyrell

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Marry: Willas Tyrell, it'd make me Lady (Lord-Consort?) of the Reach yay!

Fuck, Arianne

Kill: Harry


Margaery Tyrell, The Rose of Highgarden

Lyanna Star, The Winter Rose

Loras Tyrell, The Knight of Flowers

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