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F*ck, Marry, Kill Vol. IX

King Tyrion I

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Fuck; Lynesse Hightower (she hotter than Leonette)

Marry; Laena Velaryon (she to badass to not marry)​although the marriage will probably end with me being assassinated by daemon.

kill: Leonette Fossoway (default via elimination)


insane people


Maegor targaryen

cersei lannister 

Aerys 2 targaryen

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Kill - Hugo Wull, sorry don't want to fuck him and don't want to live that far north if I marry him
Marry - Haldon Halfmaester, I actually like him
Fuck - Haggo, he looks kinda ok at his wiki page
Merrett Frey
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Marry - Artys Arryn

Fuck - Mance

Kill - Khal Drogo


Dayne and/or Dondarrion match, aka we know nothing about female half:


Allyria and (alive)Beric

Breakspear and Jena

Maekar and Dyana


Well, since I know nothing about the women in question, I'll just go with the guys:


Fuck Beric and Allyria

Marry Baelor and Jena

Kill Maekar and Dyana


more couples


Melisandre and Stannis

Cersei and Jaime

Dany and Daario

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