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If there was a Prequel Season for GoT who should be casted?


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Sometimes I take notice of these Star Trek and Star Wars fans and I'm like "how could people be so obsessed with with a fantasy/sci-fi book or novel?" I got my answer when I began watching the GoT series on HBO. I can't believe how big of a fan I am. And I haven't read the books yet. I do plan too. As for now, I have only wiki'd everything.





I have read and researched about Roberts Rebellion and it feels like I've missed a great party. Then I asked myself (which I know many have) "if there was a prequel Season for GoT who should be considered to fill in the major roles?" I came up with a list of my own and picked some actors/actresses that I believe can potentially fill in the roles for these major characters, according to how they look. I didn't pick who I thought was the hottest; I'm not going to deny that my list is biased;, however I picked these actors/actresses because they could potentially fit into the near descriptions of each of the major characters of the Robert's Rebellion era. I created a Tumblr post in which I've posted up pictures of each of these actor/actresses according to from highly considerable to least considerable; as well as create comparisons of each some characters. I did take in consideration that each family has certain traits. That is why I've rated each actor. Here I'll just post names and rate them as I did on Tumblr.






Tumblr Page


House Targaryen



Aerys II Targaryen



1. Luke Goss


2. Tom Wisom


3. Mads Mikkelsen


4. Ryan Scott Greene


5. Paul Amos


6. Jared Leto

Rhaella Targaryen ( Added December 30th, 2015

1.  Karima Adebibe 

2. Piper Perabo

3. Charlize Theron

4. Rhona Mitra

5. Monica Belucci

6. Catherine Zeta Jone


Rhaegar Targaryen



1. Ben Barnes


2. Toby Regbo


Young Viserys Targaryen



1. Robert Sheehan


2. Colin Ford



House Stark



Lord Rickard Stark - Greg Bryk


Brandon Stark



1. Kyle Schmid


2. Daniel Di Tomasso


Young Eddard “Ned” Stark - Christian Cooke



Lyanna Stark



1. Lauren Cohan


2. India Eisley


3. Adelaide Kane


4.Ksenia Solo


5. Frances Cobain


6. Marie Avgeropoulos


Young Benjen Stark

1. Adam Driver (Updated December 30th, 2015)



2. Thomas McDonell


3. Rory Culkin



  House Baratheon



Lord Steffon Baratheon



1. Jeff Bridges


2. Ian McShane


Young Robert Baratheon - Greytson Holt



Young Stannis Baratheon



1. Colin Morgan


2. Jonathan Watton


Young Renly Baratheon - Dylan Minnette



House Lannister



Tywin Lannister - Middle Aged


 1. Ryan Scott Green

2. Paul Bettany

3. Kris Holden Reid   



Young Jaime Lannister



1.Bradley James


2. Toby Regbo

3. Alex Pettyfer (Updated December 30th, 2015)


Young Cersei Lannister

1. Anna Popplewell




2. Celina Sinden


Young Tyrion Lannister - Ross Lynch




House Martell



Young Prince Doran Martell



1. Eric Elias


2. Adrian Grenier


3. Sebastian Rulli


4. Ivan Sanchez


5. Oscar Isaac


Young Oberyn Martell



1. Brandon Peniche


2. Ferdinando Valencia


3. Jose Ron


4. Steven Strait


Elia Martell



1. Nina Dobrev


2. Michelle Renaud


3. Victoria Justice


4. Marie Avgeropoulos


5. Ana Brenda Contreras


6. Maite Perroni


7. Zuria Vega


8. Adriadne Diaz


9. Lindsey Morgan


Lewyn Martell



1. Cristian De La Fuente


2. Marcelo Córdoba


3. Pablo Montero


4. Billy Zane


5. Alejandro Avila



House Tully



Lord Hoster Tully



1. Eric Soltz


2. David Caruso


Minisa Whent



1. Lucy Lawless


2. Khrystyne Haje


3. Gillian Anderson


4. Amy Yasbeck


Young Catelyn Stark



1. Elizabeth Olsen


2. Isabelle Fuhram


3. Kate Ross


Young Lysa Tully



1. Lina Roessler


2. Caitlin Stasey



Relevant Others



John Arryn - Carlos Ponce


Young Petyr Baelish/ Little Finger


1. Steve Lund


2. Logan Lerman






Barristan Selmy - Mathew Fox






And there we have it! Got Prequel Dream Cast! Hopefully the casting directors would consider these!





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Jared Leto would be a great Rhaeger, not Aerys. He has that weird keanu Reeves gene that makes him look pretty young for his age. Aerys probably looked really old for someone 50 because of his paranoid nature.


For Lyanna I would choose Odeya Rush, she didnt steal the show in The Giver, but had some solid acting and she has curls !(which would be a nice Jon Snow connection)

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