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An article for Rattleshirt's diversionary attack on the eastern side of the Wall

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Possibly "feint at Long Barrow"?



"Everywhere. Harma Dogshead was seen at Woodswatch-by-the-Pool, Rattleshirt at Long Barrow, the Weeper near Icemark. All along the Wall ... they're here, they're there, they're climbing near Queensgate, they're hacking at the gates of Greyguard, they're massing against Eastwatch ... but one glimpse of a black cloak and they're gone. Next day they're somewhere else."


Jon swallowed a groan. "Feints. Mance wants us to spread ourselves thin, don't you see?"




"Those look like Eastwatch men. Sailors on horses. Cotter Pyke always had more guts than sense. He took the Lord of Bones at Long Barrow, he might have thought to do the same with me."



Would there be enough content for a separate battle article? Maybe it would be better to describe the multiple feints in one article, with the exception of the Gorge/Bridge of Skulls?

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