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Amazing Book Deals V.2

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Last Call at the Nightshade lounge by Paul Krueger is on sale for $2 ish.

A nice urban fantasy novel about a secret society of bartenders using cocktails to help the world stay safe.

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There's a bunch of omnibus editions of books at very reasonable price points on the Kindle UK store that I'm getting in my email alerts.

Tales of the Ketty Jay: Retribution Falls, The Black Lung Captain, The Iron Jackal, The Ace of Skulls by Chris Wooding for £3.99

The Complete Lyonesse: Suldrun's Garden, The Green Pearl, Madouc by Jack Vance for £3.99

The Braided Path: The Weavers Of Saramyr, The Skein Of Lament, The Ascendancy Veil by Chris Wooding for £3.99

The Northland Trilogy: Stone Spring, Bronze Summer, Iron Winter by Stephen Baxter for £3.99

Destiny's Children: Coalescent, Exultant, Transcendent, Resplendent by Stephen Baxter for £3.99

Alternate Histories (The Time's Tapestry series: Emperor, Conqueror, Navigator and Weaver plus the Northland Trilogy listed above) by Stephen Baxter for £3.99. 7 books in total.

Behemoth: Silverhair, Longtusk, Icebones by Stephen Baxter for £3.99

A Memory of Flames Complete eBook Collection. This is all ten books by Stephen Deas in this setting for £3.99

The Thursday Next Collection 1-3: The Eyre Affair, Lost in a Good Book, The Well of Lost Plots for £3.99


JAMES LEE BURKE – THE ROBICHEAUX COLLECTION. This appears to be the first 18 books (out of 21 in the series) for £3.99

10 Great Rebus Novels for £3.99. Again the first 10 books in the series it seems.

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Awesome. Been meaning to finish the Ketty Jay series for years. 


ETA: And now I've finished it :)

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It is generally not that expensive anyway, but Clocktaur Wars by Ursula Vernon (Writing as T Kingfisher) is apparently on sale on Amazon US for $1.99. Do note it is half a story which is continued and finished in The Wonder Engine.

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I managed to successfully get a Book Bub for Lucifer's Star, which is like the holy grail for Indie book publishing. I'm really proud of my "R-rated Star Wars" and hope people with an extra 99 cents to spare will give it a try.

Proton swords, starfighters, android rebellions, and the question of who is the bad guy in war.


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