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Who do you want to get to know better in the next book?


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Willas Tyrell

Barbrey Dustin

Weasel - I want to know what happened to her

Edric Dayne

Hoster Blackwood

Howland Reed

The Black Pearl


Myranda Royce


Wylla the wetnurse

... and so many more, I want the damn book!


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Glad everyone is mentioning Marwyn, he's super interesting to me.  Also it's probably super obvious, but Jaqen...I mean we know jack shit about him.  The show made him super boring, but I'm still super curious to know what he's up to at the Citadel(and if it's indeed relating to dragon stuff)

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In a general order:

-The Others. 

- Bloodraven

- Benjen if alive

- Papa Reed and what he did while chilling at the Isle of Faces for a year

- Everyone at the Citadel and Oldtown, which includes the Hightowers, Jaqen, Marwyn, Alleras

- Melisandre

- Varys 

- Euron Greyjoy

- The Faceless Men 

- Rickon/Osha and Skagosi

- Littlefinger and his plans


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I would love to learn more of individual Freys, like Perwyn or even Black Walder. I really liked getting into Merrett's head in the A Storm of Swords Epilogue.

Edit: It looks like we'll be seeing more of Hosteen in Winds of Winter, so that's something for me to look forward to!

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Jeyne Poole - What happened after Llittlefinger took her?

Bronn - Is he as amoral as he claims?

Wylla Manderly and Lyanna Mormont - A new generation of Stark supporters.

Margaery - How innocent is she really?

Septa Lemore - Who is she?


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  • The Baratheon bastards - Mya, Gendry and Edric. (Not interested in Bella)
  • The Tyrell boys
    • Loras: What's happening in Dragonstone? Will he be a Kingmaker? (Unfortunately I don't think any PoV is going that way soon).
    • Willas: We've been told he's smart, but is he smart enough to defend the Reach against Euron?
    • Garlan the Gallant:  What's his plans to fight the Ironborn?
  • Gerold Dayne: Because he's a Dayne
  • The 'smart' (subjective) Sand Snakes (Tyene and Obara can drop dead on first page for all I care).
    • Nymeria Sand: If Doran trusted her to represent Dorne in small council, she must be witty in addition to dangerous.
    • Sarella/Alleras: What's she up to? Would she and Sam be able to solve Aemon's sphinx riddle?
  • Brotherhood without Banners: Because I absolutely love the Riverlands storyline.
  • Bloodraven: Because he's bloodraven! Thousand eyes and one!
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I would like to get to know Varys more. It would be interesting to get a chapter from his POV. But I suspect if GRRM does include his POV it will not be until late in the book or in Dream of Spring if he lives that long. I think we don't get this prior for the same reason we haven't seen Howland Reed yet - because they know too much.

I would also like to see more Bran POVs, but I also suspect those will be very limited also for the same reasons.

Lady Stoneheart as well. What is she up to, and why is she important to the story?

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A few of the Tyrells:  Willas, Garlan

Myranda Royce - very intrigued about this one and what her interaction with Sansa will be - also have a bit of a soft spot for gregarious characters even if they turn out not to be that nice lol

Mya Stone - I seem to have an interest in the Vale at the moment, following which:  Harry the Heir (something tells me that he hammered too much the fact that Alayne is a bastard in the TWOW chapter; I wouldn't be surprised if he knows her identity but is keeping it quiet).

Aeron Greyjoy - Euron I think I have seen enough in the new chapter lol - definitely a super villain but so far a bit two dimensional a la Ramsay really; another unhinged one.

Melissandre's back story definitely

Septa Lemore - still wondering who she really is and I also like her cheekiness 

The Queen of Thornes not so much for backstory but because I think she is brilliant and I wonder what role she has to play in the end game, if any

Varys to try and figure out if I am correct in my theories ;)

For some reason, I am going to sound awful but i have like zero interest in Rickon.  Maybe it's because evil me wants him dead so that he is not in the way of Sansa's inheritance lol Okay, yes Bran comes first but I think Bran's path is not being Lord of Winterfell but something very different and more interesting and I bonded with him earlier in the series.  For me Rickon has been left out of the plot for too long for me to see him as anything but a surplus child of the Stark family from a narrative point of view.  Now, Osha and Hodor I would definitely like to learn more about.  I know I am being irrational and horrible towards poor Rickon but I just cannot get interested in this character this late in the game.

As for the Boltons, the one that would be interesting to see more about how she feels is Fat Walda in my opinion.

Genna Lannister - I just love how upfront and no nonsense she is and she seems to have some kindness in her

The Tarly family definitely

Jaqen is intriguing but I just never liked him for some reason.  Nothing to do with being good or bad I guess I just find him fundamentally bad news without necessarily thinking he is a villain.

Lady Stonheart yes.  As Travis has said further up in the thread to see why she is important to the plot.  I liked Cat, flaws and all and I was horrified to find out that she is in this stage and I totally hate her new "persona" and want her dead for real ASAP.  I wonder why she is in the story at all as revenge for the Red Wedding could be achieved without her and this seems more like a further punishment for Cat than anything else.  I wonder if Arya has to see what she has become in order to realise herself that revenge is overrated?  I honestly can think of little else that would make her useful to the plot.

Some sympathetic or marginally sympathetic Frey.  Just to see the other side of the coin.  Roslin Frey could be a good character to get to know i guess.

Jeyne Westerling and her mother.  I really wonder what went on there and if it was true love, a potion, both or what.

I'm sure quite  a few more but these for now...

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