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the dark sword

The others vs the dragons: who'll survive

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Here it is . what will happen once the fire meets the frost , a blazing day vs a shivering night
Dragons vs white walkers
Generally people answer without hesitating :dragons , fire breathing winged creatures would surely defeat the crawling and walking wights. But it could easily be said that dragons are also not that invincible. They had been slain before like serwyn did for Urrax and had been extinct for about centuries.
On the other hand, white walkers seem to relishing on their army of the dead with few for their commanding whitewalkers.wights are witless dumb creatures like zombies that could be disposed of by fire.
Since the night's king is said to be the 13 th lord commander of the night's watch , there are chances that he could be aware of the dragon's weaknesses which make the dragons vulnerable.
Anyway, I still think dragons would be the way to go .
What do u suggest??

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