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Max von Sydow replacing Bloodraven in Season 6


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Getting Von Sydow is a major coup, no doubt, but I'd rather they'd altered the makeup on Bloodraven than the guy underneath, so that he actually:


a) Looks somewhat creepy and inhuman, being fused together with the tree, instead of just being an old guy sitting in a tree.


b.) Has one eye instead of two, so that 'a thousand eyes and one' actually makes sense.


Though with any luck we'll get that too. The dis-continuity of a recast / reimagining would normally bother me, but since Bloodraven's debut episode marked the start of a major decline in quality of the show, I'm not fussy about continuity at this point. My interest in the show now is just hoping to see some great characters and moments from the books realised on screen, and hoping against hope that D&D get at least a small portion of them right. A fully realised Bloodraven would be a good start on that front. Hopefully the fact that they've cast Von Sydow at least means that they're giving the character more attention, which might lead them to discard 'old tree-sitting guy' as a placeholder Bloodraven and spend more time on the character's look.


Yeah, I wish they had made him more like the books. The old guy in a tree reminded me a little bit of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-isGzfYUZ4

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And for the love of God they need a do over for the character design.  Dir. Graves or whoever was responsible for the look of Brynden Rivers in his one appearance should be flogged.  The guys is hanging there in his tree roots saying "I've been watching you w/ a thousand eyes and one" and the mutherfuggr has two eyes.  That's just pathetic.  The three eyed Raven has ONE FRICKEN EYE PEOPLE!  How do you mess that up?

Graves has already said it was they were running out of time as well as had zero money at that point and had to beg more from HBO. I'd imagine there's some sort of scene where it turns out Three Eyed Raven was putting out a facade and then we'll get the "real" version.

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